Quiz Answers

I forgot to put the quiz answers in my post today.  Here is the NCAA Helmet Quiz, if you’d like to participate.  If you are just dying to have the answers for any you couldn’t get, they are after the jump.

Row 1:  Clemson, WIsconsin, West Virginia, Baylor, Memphis
Row 2:  Colorado State, Bowling Green, Oregon, Georgia Kentucky
Row 3:  Hawaii, Army, Maryland, Cincinnati, Minnesota
Row 4:  Texas, Southern Methodist, Eastern Michigan, San Diego State, Washington
Row 5:  Arkansas, Florida Atlantic, Fresno State, Miami, Wake Forest
Row 6:  Northwestern, Texas Tech, Tulane, Akron, Brigham Young
Row 7:  California, Utah State, Notre Dame, North Carolina State, Rutgers
Row 8:  Indiana, Kansas State, Missouri, Central Florida, Miami of Ohio
Row 9:  Texas Christian, Arizona State, Mississippi State, Auburn, Nevada
Row 10:  Temple, Florida State, Syracuse, Iowa, Nebraska

4 thoughts on “Quiz Answers

  1. JB, those two gave me fits. Army I just could not remember, I kept trying schools that I thought might have gold helmets, but I totally forgot about the independents (except ND). Also, on Utah State I couldn’t read the word on the helmet! If I could’ve read that I would’ve gotten right away, but I thought it was the mascot or something (b/c it does NOT look like the word “state”). Tricky tricky.

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