Go Argos! Or not.

Yeah, okay. Go back to Steeltown… or wherever the hell.

Last night the Toronto Argonauts lost their home opener.

Ticats’ owner, Bob Young on Hamilton’s win: “We’re the blue-collar team from down the road, and to beat up on all these white-collar guys is great. The fact that I’m actually a white-collar guy doesn’t matter.”

Do you hear yourself, Bob? Yeah, because you kind of sound like an asshole.

So, yes, 32-13 to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats on Thursday night.

In other words, we got pummeled by a team who’ve been the league’s joke for the past few seasons.

For the record though, the Argos aren’t normally super coming straight out of the gate. If I remember correctly, we did narrowly avoid losing to the Ticats the last time we played them in a home opener so I guess I shouldn’t be extremely shocked. Regardless, I’ve chosen to take the opening loss as a personal offense especially considering that Jesse Lumsden had a grand ol’ time ripping our defence a new one. Wasn’t it just last season that the Argos had one of the best defences in the league?

There’s not a whole lot to say on the Kerry Joseph issue that’s not already been said. I’m not going to lay all the blame on him and I’m certainly not going to claim that Bishop should have been playing instead. The boys were simply outplayed on the night and it wasn’t entirely his fault. It does appear that the QB spot is going to be trouble for the Argos though and, perhaps even more discouraging, Stubler doesn’t want to know. According to him the incident involving Joseph storming out of a team meeting earlier in the week, didn’t happen. Whether that is to be believed or not, I’m not sure.

The whole ‘This is OURRRRRR league! OMGZZ STAY OUT YANKSSSS!!’ CFL weirdness that’s been drifting around is probably something I’ll get to in another post. I should say though, I’m pretty apathetic about the whole thing. Not because I’m angry about the The Bills trying to make a move in — go ahead, honestly — but because I truly just don’t care.

3 thoughts on “Go Argos! Or not.

  1. Oh it is really CFL season again? Just kidding I know it is but it seems like just yesterday we were having the Bombers vs. Riders debate at work. Hooray for the CFL tag.

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