Oh NO he di’int!

Dustin Nippert of the Oklahoma RedHawks threw a no-hitter today, and I saw it happen in person. This was my first no-no, and I would be a lot more happy about getting to cross that off my “To See” list if it hadn’t happened against my team.

Dustin Nippert

Dustin Nippert, the thrower of a no-hitter.

But I did just realize that “Nippert” sounds really funny if you say it out loud a bunch of times in a row. Try it with me…Nippert, Nippert, Nippertnippertnippert. Hm, I think I have been out in the sun too long, and my brain should not be anywhere near your Internets. Sorry, I’ll show myself to the door now…

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I hail from Nebraska, and I like to take pictures. I love the Royals more than what the Surgeon General recommends (the recommendation, in case you need to know, is about 4.5 milligrams per day for persons of average height and weight).

1 thought on “Oh NO he di’int!

  1. Well it counts as a no-hitter in the minors so that’s all that matters – it’s still cool to see such a masterful pitching performance in person. I saw a few of those back in Memphis & it was always a thrill!

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