Hit and Run: Just When It’s My Turn to Post

My Cubs were on a 14-game home winning streak going into last night’s game. Nothing lasts forever, of course, but couldn’t they have made it one more game so that I could write about a win? Nope. Brian Roberts, who almost was a Cub, decided to show the Cubs’ management exactly what they missed out on. He had three hits, and George Sherrill struck out the side, after loading up the bases, in the bottom of the ninth. Alas. At least we’re still the best team in baseball.

They might have lost, but they are still adorable! ((AP Photo/Paul Beaty)

Maria Sharapova won in straight sets at Wimbledon, but that’s not nearly as interesting as what she was wearing. A tuxedo-inspired shirt and, dare I say… shorts! Egads! (Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images)

Fresno State continued their Cinderella season by winning last night at the College World Series, and forcing a game tonight in Omaha.

Finally, the NBA Draft is tomorrow night, and though my city’s team holds the first draft pick, I have done all that I can to avoid this mess. Derrick… no Michael… no Derrick, or maybe O.J. Mayo? One of the other Ladies… will have more for you on the draft. I just hope the Bulls don’t turn this opportunity into another epic fail, as they are wont to do.

6 thoughts on “Hit and Run: Just When It’s My Turn to Post

  1. It was amazing watching and listening to the game last night.

    They lost…and it was hard to believe that they lost. After Edmonds hit that homer, I fully expected that they were going to win that game.

    As a lifelong Cubs fan, it is hard to reconcile feelings like that…

  2. I knew the Cubs were going to lose at home eventually, but I was still disappointed when it happened. My only question to Lou Pinella is: no outs, bases loaded, bottom of the 9th and you put Ronny *bobble-head* Cedeno in as a pinch hitter? Seriously?

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