Saved By The Bali

In case you haven’t heard, a Colorado Springs’ woman was saved by her sports bra after a fall while hiking in the Bavarian Alps. Jessica Bruinsma was missing for nearly three days, and used the undergarment to signal rescuers from the ledge where she had fallen. It was nearly 15 feet down, and the narrow cliff overhang was so isolated she could not climb free herself. So she attached her sports bra to a cable that helped transport timber down the mountain, and a lumberjack saw it and notified authorities.

She suffered a dislocated shoulder and bruised leg, but otherwise did so well because she was training for a marathon and was in very good shape. The Colorado Springs’ woman, Jessica Bruinsma, still plans to run if she recovers in time to continue training. If it were me, I would use a brightly-colored one like that below, to be more easily noticed.

So, what other “sports equipment” can be used to save someone? If you are:

What else can you think of? You know the motto: Be Prepared.

2 thoughts on “Saved By The Bali

  1. Once again this just goes to show you that Brandy Chastain is a national hero. Saving the world one sports bra at a time.

  2. The added bonus of using your sports bra as a signalling device is now that you’re braless you get the extra ‘headlights’ signalling device no extra charge.

    /chauvinist pig

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