Hit and Run: Because things need to be said, and briefly.


I don’t know if you all knew this, but the Celtics won the NBA Championship! As the resident NBA posting Lady, I feel remiss that I didn’t post about this last week! But oh well. Congrats Celtics! Now I must also apologize to the Celtics franchise and their fans. I had them pegged to lose to the Lakers. Not that I wanted them to lose (as I hate the Lakers), but they had just played so inconsistently! Heck, Atlanta took them to seven games! So I’m sorry KG, Paul, Ray. I’m sorry Boston. I should have kept the faith. You deserved to win. Now please, if you don’t mind, could you keep the douchey fandom to a minimum? Nothing is worse than an asshat, cocky, Boston fan. (Except maybe an asshat, cocky Yankees fan…)


Earth shattering news here friends: Rafael Nadal has been harboring a secret girlfriend for THREE YEARS! UGH. WHAT? WHY GOD WHY? I wrote in a previous post that Rafa was one of the top 3 athletes it would kill me to see get hitched. Well he’s not married, but 3 years? Sounds pretty serious. Turns out she’s from his home town and totally normal and not a wannabe model/soap star/pop singer. So all things considered, I only want to kill myself a little… :(



There is a video making the rounds on the internet showing Shaq rapping (and not well might I add) about Kobe Bryant. ( I would post it if I had any idea how to do that, but I mean crap, it’s even on ESPN, you can find it!) The Diesel has some less than flattering things to say about the Mamba. For one, he blames Kobe for his impending divorce. Kobe apparently called out Shaq during the whole “I didn’t rape a Colorado woman” episode, saying he should have just paid her not to say anything, a la Shaq. Now personally, I blame Shaq’s divorce on his actual CHEATING, not Kobe’s comments about it, but what do I know? What is really funny about this story is that I read about it first on TMZ. Seriously. The video gossip site. Hilarity.


In soccer news, Portugal is out of Euro 2008 and Cristiano Ronaldo has yet to officially make his opinion known as to where he would like to play next year. Now for awhile (the way he was making it sound) I thought he got to like pick where he played. That HE had control over his destination. Turns out, he does not. In fact he’s just a commodity, which Man U can sell (or more likely NOT SELL) as they choose. So all his posturing about “deciding” where he will play is kind of BS, and honestly getting really old at this point. I love him. I want to make sweet sweet love TO him. But if he doesn’t shut his yap soon I may just… well… never mind. Look at that picture. He can be as annoying as he wants to be!

14 thoughts on “Hit and Run: Because things need to be said, and briefly.

  1. ‘Kobe, tell me how my ass tastes!’ — I’d be a liar if I said that is not one catchy hook.

    Shirtless photos of Cristiano make me forget how much I hate him. Only for a moment though.

  2. The Nadal girlfriend thing was mentioned during the French Open final coverage. I think I just ignored it at the time. But now that there are pictures it really can’t be ignored anymore can it.

  3. @Janalee: Yeah I totally blocked out the girlfriend mention at the French, because I had no idea. However I wish I had paid attention and then maybe the visuals wouldnt have been so traumatizing!
    Also, the pic does give you a nice idea about what an awesome ass he posesses (his own, not hers!)

    @Dame: It does make you forget. I was all about to get on my high horse and be like shut your yap Im done with you you ungrateful turd. Then I looked at the pic again. Sigh. I’m a sucker for a hottie.

  4. Hey authoress, (already forgot your insignificant name) I’m from Boston. And you brim with jealousy. Why not? Hell, 3 Superbowl Champs, 2 World Series., now an NBA championship – all in the 21st century? All we here in Boston are missing is an NHL championship – and I got news for ya. That ain’t happenin’. The B’s owner is from Buffalo, NY. No reason to invest in a championship. I got more news for ya. “Investment” has an awful lot to do with pro sports championships. We here in Boston get that. You apparently don’t. It’s all about the benjamin$…

  5. Hey Hurls, I’m from Boston and I’m a fan of all our teams. We are lucky to live in this town with all our champions. People like you give us a bad name. The majority of us enjoy every second of our victories. And know how lucky we are. And as far as the Bruins, the owner dished out money to get Chara and Savard and the team made the playoffs and gave Montreal a scare taking them to 7 games when people had them out in 4. So you never know.

    To everyone else…yes, the cockiness comes out in a lot of Boston fans…just remember, not all of us are like my bud Hurls here. Most of us are wicked pissa. ;)

  6. I KNEW there would be a crazy Boston fan who would come on here, read that ONE comment, ignore ALL THE OTHER NICE SHIT I SAID, and get pissed. Knew it. So thanks Hurls, for making me right. It is my favorite state of being. As you clearly did not read, I supported Boston. I mistakenly picked the Lakers to win, it didn’t mean I wanted it to happen. I dont have an NBA team I call my own, so I loosely followed the Celtics all season. So yeah, quit living up to the stereotype you DOUCHEY ASSHAT BOSTON FAN!

    @Huck: I also knew that most Boston fans were like you. It’s become kind of a joke in itself to make fun of Boston fans, hence my comment (and subsequent Yankees joke) You guys win alot of shit. Thanks for being able to handle the crap that comes along with that.

  7. All we here in Boston are missing is an NHL championship – and I got news for ya. That ain’t happenin’.

    Who calls it an “NHL Championship”?

  8. Pam: people who don’t care about the NHL, clearly.

    Christina: I am glad we’ve got a resident NBA posting Lady. : ) Too bad I had no internet last week – I intended to give the Celtics full justice. I was going to hate, but really, I saw KG overcome with emotion and I, I just couldn’t. I can’t hate on that.

  9. La: I know you are the other basketball woman here… I just seem to do the most NBA posts. Or maybe I just feel like that because so many of my posts are NBA related (which is totally weird because really Im a college bball fan!)

  10. And, obviously, the Boston fans have taken over the douchebag crown from the boys in the Bronx. As both a Celtics and a Yankees fan, I have done several case studies on this.

  11. I’m sick of being a Red Sox fan because of all the bandwagon jumpers and douchebaggery going on. I’m a Whalers fan, which means I hate the Bruins. I’m sick as heck of the Patriots and Tom Brady’s ubiquitousness, and I don’t like the NBA.

    As for my local teams winning everything, I was planning to go to Germany for the weekend to see if it could rub off on on them. Unfortunately for die Mannschaft, I can’t locate my passport.

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