Dance! Rookie Wonderland!

The St. Louis Cardinals set a record yesterday.  With Nick Stavinoha starting at DH, they set a season record for starting rookies.  Thus far the Cardinals have started nine different rookies and weirdly enough Colby Rasmus is not one of them.  The nine rookies are: pitchers Mitchell Boggs, Kyle McClellan, Mike Parisi, Chris Perez and Mark Worrell, outfielders Brian Barton, Joe Mather, Nick Stavinoha and Rico Washington.  For my grades on their performances, check out an article here.  For pictures of these Rookie Hotties, just see below.

Mitchell Boggs

He’s actually much cuter than he looks here.

Kyle McClellan

Awww, look at that smile.

Mike Parisi

Hasn’t done well so far.
Maybe a little more time in AAA.

Chris Perez

Open-mic night at the Copa.

Mark Worrell

Love me some baby blues.

Brian Barton

I love his hair!!!

Joe Mather

Hurry back to the bigs, cutie pie!

Nick Stavinoha

Great first day yesterday, cutie!

Rico Washington

11 seasons in the minors, until he finally got his shot.
Way to go, Rico.

16 thoughts on “Dance! Rookie Wonderland!

  1. For those unfamiliar with the Brian Barton drinking game, it’s really simple:

    1. Take a shot every time Barton’s hat/helmet falls off.

    2. Take a shot every time someone mentions he has an aerospace degree.

    3. Take two additional shots if they mention that he’s still short a few hours of getting said degree.

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  3. If I’m doing a post that is entirely about the St. Louis Cardinals, is it still blatant homerism? Or do I have a to leave coughsomebodycough out too?

    It’s like one of those if a tree falls in the woods questions. Deep.

  4. Considering six of these guys actually played in the game yesterday (thanks, extra innings!), I think this post should be considered current sports commentary.

  5. Ya know, in years past, Tony would rather have had a root canal than play all these rookies, even if the DL warranted it. But, he’s a changed man this year(kinda); he has completely embraced this team(except for Adam Kennedy, it seems), and his reaction after Sunday’s game is proof of that fact.

  6. Scottie “too hottie” Rolen should be back on the market soon for you guys. If Rolen goes back to the Cardinals then the Phillies will throw in So Taguchi for free in the deal.

  7. I noticed they were all Cardinals rookies…and that is why I posted my manifesto that all rookie posts must include Geovany Soto who is not only the leading candidate for ROTY, but also far and away the cutest rookie in MLB.

  8. Hey Nick come check out the new DIGGS at LSU. I need your Rookie card for my collection. THE SULIK TREE of 33. We are all pulling for you!!! Get back up to the majors were you belong. So Long Cuz.

    Sincerely Louisiana Sulik’s

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