Because it’s not the CWS without a little nudity!

Farewell, dearest Tigers of Louisiana State. Right before Tim Federowicz launched his grand slam in the top of the 9th inning (in what had been a tie game), I heard an LSU fan say, “Oh, this guy only has 4 homers this year; we can get him.”

And just like that, they did not “get him.” UNC went on to win 7-3 to send LSU home, and continue its own quest to finish in 2nd place in the College World Series…again. But there was a streaker! Check out the ground crew guy’s tackle!!

I had never been to a sporting event where there was a streaker. Now I have been, and it was at least as hilarious as I had always imagined.

8 thoughts on “Because it’s not the CWS without a little nudity!

  1. The world definitely needs more streakers. Has anyone ever said “Hey look there’s a streaker, look at his junk flopping all over the place, ooooo what a tackle! Man that was NOT funny at all.” No. More streakers. I demand it.

  2. LOVED it… standing on the bridge and watching a guy’s junk flap around… and then that pose! It just added to the mayhem. And he only got $500 to do it!

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