Hump Day Hottie: Wrestling Olympians

I spent this weekend at the U.S. Olympic Trials for wrestling, and there was eye candy everywhere. With less than two months until the Beijing games begin, I feel it is my patriotic duty to share these hotties with you. Remember, you’re not ogling these hotties for your own, selfish purposes. You are ogling these hotties for the good of the country. U-S-A! U-S-A!

Doug Schwab, Freestyle, 66 kg

T.C. Dantzler, Greco-Roman, 74 kg

Brad Vering, Greco-Roman, 84 kg

Henry Cejudo, Freestyle, 55 kg

Mike Zadick, Freestyle, 60 kg (Mike will not be competing in the Olympics as his weight was not qualified.)

Ben Askren, Freestyle, 74 kg, and a Missouri Tiger!

Andy Hrovat, Freestyle, 84 kg

Daniel Cormier, Freestyle, 96 kg

Here at Ladies…, we realize that hotties are not always the guys who make the team, but coming up short does nothing to diminish their hotness. With that in mind, I give you some of the hotties of the Olympic Trials who did not make the team.

Tommy Rowlands, Freestyle, runner-up at 120 kg

Harry Lester, Greco-Roman, third place at 66 kg (Harry retired after his last match.)

Finally, Mo Lawal, Freestyle, runner-up at 84 kg. Mo has a strong future in mixed martial arts, but beyond that, he is one of the best people on this planet. I’m so proud of you, Mo!

(Special thanks to Tech-Fall for the photos.)

15 thoughts on “Hump Day Hottie: Wrestling Olympians

  1. Jesus, wrestling is borderline NSFW!

    Also, T.C. Dantzler, I would appreciate it if you would turn toward the camera in pic #2 so you could stare into my eyes…

  2. I just want to say,” I love this blog”. As a raging homosexual I appreciate the ability to both express my masculinity as a sport fan and uncontrollable need to stare at hotties all day. Oh, you’ve helped me tremendously with my Fantasy baseball team. I wanted to stack it with some of the hottest players in baseball and your blog was a constant inspiration. Thank you Ladies!!

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  4. No Tommy rowlnads thus no watching this crappy olympics for me. I will stick with baseball and the upcoming football season!!

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