I know. I know. I just posted. But this had to be said. MY BOYS ARE COMING BACK TO ME! The University of North Carolina Men’s basketball team is returning its ENTIRE Final Four reaching starting line-up from last season. All of them. Coming back. Three of them cruelly tested the draft waters, making us wait and ponder while they hung out with NBA stars and got injured (seriously all 3 of them got hurt at least a little). But they have redeemed themselves in my eyes by returning to the fold. All will be forgiven. It’s time for a national championship boys! Waiting four years for another one is just way too long. :)

9 thoughts on “THEY’RE ALL COMING BACK!!

  1. Better hope you don’t play a team that Roy has an emotional connection because he will find a way to choke the game away.

    /Still celebrating Kansas fan who remembers the Roy years of him not calling a timeout and fumbling against teams KU should have beaten

  2. @SA, BWAHAHAHA. :) Dont hate, congratulate.

    @Snoopy, my friends and I have had serious discussions about this. Now I have blocked out most of the final four game, just to protect my fragile psyche, but I dooo have flashbacks of screaming at the TV “Call a FUCKING TIME OUT ROY, CALL A TIME OUT!!!!” As much as I love him, there are times when that whole “let them figure it out and get their shit together on their own” shtick doesn’t work for 19 year old boys, and you need to be like hey, dumb dumb, remember when you were 5 and on parks and rec basketball, and your coach was like “Defense, hands up!”, well umm why dont you try that now instead of watching Mario Chalmers blow by you without even attempting to get in his way….

  3. I love my Dukies–this really doesn’t help our cause for next yr, but I’m glad they’re back. When we beat them, (crosses fingers and looks up to the Heavens) it’ll be more satisfying!

  4. Yeah, I have been a fan of KU since I was a sophomore in HS because Boschee went there (I’m from North Dakota and we don’t have a lot of players go to that level of a school) so I saw 5 years of Roy. It was weird watching the KU-UNC game and knowing what the opposing coach was going to do.

  5. love it!!!!!!! I go to UNC and was sitting in the Dean Dome, watching the televised game and screaming in pain for most of it….the ESPN guys said it the best, with them coming back we’re the choice for 2009!

    and I’m excited to see there’s a carolina fan posting for the ladies, I love y’all but it seems that you like to hate on my teams – patriots fan as well :)

  6. @heather: I went to all but 3 home games this year (2 being over christmas break) I plan on doing the same this year! (Although I might have to miss more break games cuz Ill be in Europe over Christmas… ) But I CANNOT WAIT! With the 4 freshman coming in, all the returning starters! I think the only thing I will miss is the QQQQQQQQQQ every time he came on the floor. Aww Q. You will be missed.

  7. haha my roommate could never get over Q playing…she told me she couldn’t ever trust him on the court. I felt that he stepped up to the game this year. (I also remember explaining to a lot of drunk grad students at games why they weren’t booing, they were yelling “QQQQQQQQ” instead). But I’m glad Bobby’ll be back, it’s been far too long without him.

    Got to get more tickets next year…

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