Damn you, Supreme Court! Thank you, Dame!

So I generously (I am such a good person :)) switched days with one of my fellow Ladies… so that she could focus on the hideous and all encompassing task of registering for classes. I presumed I would have plenty of time to come up with an excellent post for today, given that I have non-stop access to a computer and at least an hour for lunch.  But, when I got into work this morning and was finishing up some research for a memo I’m writing for one of my bosses (I work at a law firm), I found out that the Supreme Court had spent Thursday afternoon literally destroying my argument piece by piece. Thanks a lot, Ginsburg. I now have to write a new memo, taking into account that my really strong case just got shat upon by the highest court in the land. Woot.

So while I was furiously smashingthe buttons on the key board with my forehead, I received an email with some pics from one of the Ladies… which totally made my day and I felt the need to share it. Now I don’t know if you lovely readers know of my burgeoning crush on one Cristiano Ronaldo, but it’s verging on insane (what with Euro 2008 going on and his penchant for removing his shirt after each and every match). Apparently my lovely boy doesn’t even feel the need to wear clothes (pants included) while wandering the halls of his hotel at night to fetch some ice. At least I don’t have bother asking the question: Boxers or briefs? :)

What? It’s not as if this 5 star hotel provides robes! Nor is there anyone in my fully clothed entourage who could do this for me.

Oh, C-Ron. You make me so happy. I’d like to give a big “thanks for making my workday worth while” shout-out to the Dame of Extra Time, Merci Beaucoup for aiding and abetting in my love of Ronaldo. Also to thespoiler.co.uk, for posting the pics in the first place!

5 thoughts on “Damn you, Supreme Court! Thank you, Dame!

  1. A little warning would have been helpful. It also might have helped if I had waited until I got home to check this post. But it was worth it. Thanks!

  2. Oops, sorry, I didn’t even think this was NSFW. I have a pretty laid back office though… I’ll remember that for next time :)

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