The Ladies… This Week

Hey all, it’s time for our newish weekly feature: The Ladies… This Week. Pretty simple — It’s new stuff from the Ladies’ other websites this week.

At DeadOn, read along with Lady Andrea as she revisits Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. She’s got chapters 1-5 up right now.

Chitown Chick previews two soldier-athletes who have a chance to qualify for the Olympics via the Army’s World Class Athletic Program.

Miss Minda shares what Omaha is like (Hint: it’s awesome!) during the College World Series.

The Dame of Extra Time has been busting her gorgeous booty keeping up with all the Euro 2008 action – way too many posts this week for me to choose from. Check out all the coverage at This Is Extra Time.

SA is sick, and we should really bring her some soup.

1 thought on “The Ladies… This Week

  1. I’d like to point out that all of those blogs are very good not just because of the contributions of the Ladies…

    It’s more like Bill Walton to the Celtics in the ’80s than the Garnett/Allen trade; good stuff from legends making good sites great, not bad sites great.

    /may or may not just want people to read DeadOn a little more

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