Happy Father’s Day!!

Today, we want to sincerely wish a Happy Father’s Day to all the men out there who hold the fort down, who head to the grocery store at 2 am to pick up a box of diapers, who will move heaven and earth to make their kids happy.  Here’s to you…

Specifically, we want to wish a Happy Father’s Day to:

  • our own dads.  Without you, we don’t think we’d be here today.  Well, we obviously wouldn’t be here without you, but we mean in this specific place we’re at today.  You guys helped mold us and shape us, and for that we thank you!
  • the dads out there who are not with us anymore.  You’re always in our hearts, especially on the day set aside specifically to celebrate you. 
  • the blogger dads, who between making us laugh with quips about the latest antics on the field/court and their regular day jobs (yes, some of us have day jobs!), manage to be fabulous dads.  Among them we have Cinnamon Girl’s Weed Against Speed, Dan Shanoff, Big Daddy Drew, and countless others.  Keep up the great work!

In conclusion, I’d like to hand over the mike, so to speak, to one of our favorite dads, Flubby, of Kissing Suzy Kolber:

This is my boy Gus.  As you can see, he is adverse to anthropomorphic dalmatians.The world I see reflected in his eyes is a wondrous place.  Gus helps maintain balance in my life– a gentle reminder that there are things actually more important than determining the proper joke angle on the latest Bengal arrest or combing through YouTube clips of guys taking it in the nuts.   He is the only +1 that really matters.

1 thought on “Happy Father’s Day!!

  1. Awww, Flubby! Very sweet. Happy Fathers Day!

    I wrote a thing on my blog for my dad today, but damn it does not do him justice. Nothing ever could, I don’t think.
    /daddy’s little girl

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