This is Getting Ridiculous

Earlier this week, MDS did a “relevant” and “timely” piece about who has the best shot of becoming the new Deadspin Editor. It makes me wonder if he’s read Deadspin since 2006. There is one woman on the list.

There was a kerfuffle today about Erin Andrews and Pervy McDrunk Sutcliffe. Do you think Sutcliffe would talk so smarmily about a male colleague? I don’t.

There is going to be a CBS Sportsline Quiz Bowl involving 5 bloggers and 5 mainstream media members. Not a woman to be found on the blogger team. But I supposed if there was, all the men would “get distracted” and not be able to answer any of the questions.

[rolls eyes]

45 thoughts on “This is Getting Ridiculous

  1. But Andi, he was seriously worried about the safety and integrity of her skirt! He should be commended for his gentlemanly concern!

    And I dont know about you, but obv my boobs get in the way of my sports trivia knowledge. The same way they fuck up my backswing.

  2. personally I’d rather there be no women than to have a token woman but I suppose that’s just me. I’m not saying that women don’t deserve to be considered for these things. And as much as I love this site this is the second time in not too long that we’ve had a “women are just as knowledgable about sports as men” here. I think maybe you’re preaching to the choir here.

  3. I agree that she’s a token hottie who happens to know her stuff, and I hate the NFL fluff sidelines wenches. But I think, even if she is just there to be Erin Andrews, she deserves to not be objectified ON AIR. It’s like being hit on at work, but it’s in front of millions of people. If off the camera he had said to the other people, or even to her, hey watch out for your skirt, its obnoxious but its like any other situation with a douchey guy. I think its more about him doing it on camera for me. Like not only do I not really respect you, I do so little that I can make suggestive remarks to you on tv. Even if shes just a hottie she was hired under the pretenses of being a reporter, he could atleast give the pretense that hes not a lecherous jackass.

  4. okay the Erin Andrews bit I agree with, no one should have to deal with that. But the Deadspin thing and the Quizbowl thing, is it really a gender issue? Obviously you think it is. But shouldn’t it just be people. I mean if there had been 5 women on the Deadspin list or 2 women on the quizbowl team would you be as upset about it even if the quality isn’t there?

    I’m not saying that there aren’t deserving women out there. Of course there are. I just think that looking at it as a numbers game really does make it a “token” situation.

  5. Or perhaps put another way of putting it is who would you replace on those lists? with who? and why is the replacement person more deserving?Woman, man, whatever.

  6. I’m a guy and I thought what Sutcliffe said was way offline. Even if Erin Andrews was hired because of her looks, she shouldn’t have to hear comments like that about her on the air (by a co-worker no less).

    And on a semi-related note my Quiz Bowl team years ago lost in the final round against a team of all women, who didn’t beat us by “distracting” us but by knowing way more about history/geography/science/literature than I do. Shocking.

  7. Janalee, I’m not going to start naming names of who I would replace on the lists. But since there ARE quality women out there, your claim of “token” is false. There are talented women who could’ve been included on the list.

    Your hypotheticals don’t work because there are quality women out there.

  8. I’m a huge fan of several women in the sports blogosphere, as well as the msm, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that a third of the posts on the front page of Ladies… revolve around ogling various hotties.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with the ogling (I love WL and I’ve never shied away from posting an Ana Ivanovic picture on Deadspin), but I’d rather hear who you feel would make for a good editor than read complaints without answers.
    And yes, I definitely believe that there are women who are qualified to be on Deadspin’s shortlist. Miss Gossip is probably the most obvious, but I assume MDS left her off because of her management role at FanHouse.

  9. I’m not expecting you to name names. I’m just saying that in order for there to be more women included someone has to be removed. And there has to be a reason that the person that is being added is better for the position than the other person. And I would hope the reason isn’t just because there should be more women on the list. That would create the token situation.

    There are lots of talented women out there, I know this. And maybe you’re right, if women weren’t considered at all in the formation of the list then I would be upset too. But if they were considered and it was just that someone else was determined to be more deserving for whatever reason then I don’t really see a problem.

  10. There are a ton. I think Holly, TSW, Clare, Sooze, any number of female bloggers could run Deadspin.

    Of course 1/3 of the posts on the frontpage are about ogling hotties. That’s our schtick. That’s the THEME of Ladies. But that is entirely different from making comments to a coworker while on the air.

    It’s not like the “fake conversation” posts that dominate KSK can be moved over to Deadspin. They are two different styles. Doesn’t mean the KSK guys aren’t being considered.

  11. Janalee, who says there was a finite number of people that can be on the list? You don’t have to remove people in order to include talented female writers. Nobody told MDS he had to write a column that listed exactly 15 people.

    I was pointing out that MDS’s list reads like it was written about Deadspin circa 2006, which I don’t think you quite get.

  12. @ Unsilent,
    I think the point is that Erin was being ogled by a coworker, while on air, who was not hired to be a professional ogler. He was supposed to be commenting on baseball. We here at Ladies… are PRO-AM oglers. (I would like to think we’re pros, but as we are unpaid, we are still meet NCAA standards and could compete in women’s figure skating and gymnastics without losing our Olympic’s eligibility) You think there is any chance of Erin being interested in meeting up with Sutcliffe after the game for a little slap and tickle? No? Then he probably shouldn’t be hitting on her period, let alone on air while hundreds of thousands of people (if not more) could be watching.

  13. My primary point is that rather than writing a three sentence critique of Michael’s list you’d be better served to argue on behalf of those you felt were slighted.

    I fully understand your schtick, and I wasn’t saying that females weren’t to be considered for editorships because they spend a lot of time appreciating Ronaldo’s abs. I was trying to say that it’s hard to call out “pervy” men for referring to Erin Andrews’ physical appearance while playing guess the torso. Granted, you and the mystery torso (probably) aren’t colleagues, but I don’t think anyone is looking at a guy like Sut as last bastion of journalistic integrity.

    Now let’s talk about all the mean things Simon Cowell has had to say about Ryan Seacrest’s outfits.

    Yeah, I watch me some Idol.

  14. Well, I completely agree with you on the homoerotic tension between Cowell and Seacrest. They need to just makeout on air and get it over with. : )

    You are right that saying “pervy” while we drool over dudes is hard, but the colleague thing and the “on air” thing is really a huge difference to me. I don’t get my panties in a twist when male sports bloggers ogle female athletes or reporters on websites. If you’re in the public eye, that’s just what happens to you. But a female reporter should be able to expect her colleagues to behave better, especially on air while they do their jobs. Maybe the two situations aren’t as different to some, but I find them to be very different situations.

  15. Dude is battling cancer, let him ogle! He sees life in a whole new (bight yellow) light! Okay, don’t let him ogle…

    Erin Andrews grew up in the business and knows that this type of bullcrap comes with the job. If she wasn’t thick-skinned, she wouldn’t be an analyst. I roof houses and barns on the weekends — a male-dominated job — and blog about baseball in my free time — also a male-dominated force. Yes, I deserve and demand respect, but if I don’t get it, that’s on them. Their loss, you know?

    Still, shame on Drunky McPervycliffe.

  16. No, it’s different LA. Sutcliffe is getting paid to be an analyst, not comment on the way EA looks or what clothing she has on, etc. What he did was disrespectful and humiliating. She shouldn’t have to worry about that shit from her coworkers.

    Sooze-you roof houses? Badass.

  17. Beijing is the summer Olympics UM, if you were planning on figure skating in them, you’d be the only one :)

    And Andi, that’s the difference for me too. Erin is a hot girl. She’s going to get objectified. It happens (the lesser sex just can’t help themselves :). Im sure she’d rather be hot and leered at than fugly and ignored (because obv those are the only 2 options). But she is at work, and being subjected to the smarm on a professional level. That’s why it’s not okay with me.

    And am I the only one who thinks Seacrest plays the gay card hardcore so he can score some serious ‘tang? Because you know he does.

  18. Sooze makes a common, albeit necessary point that EA is fully capable of handling herself with a guys like Sut, who I consider to be more of an entertainer in the booth than a brilliant analytical mind.

  19. Well, I could handle myself when the car salesmen used to come harass me when I was the receptionist at the dealership, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay. : )

  20. It’s not OK to be harassed, but when somebody like Jillian Barberie is constantly commenting on Howie Long’s looks it’s not a problem (aside from being annoying). That’s because it’s obviously an act, and I don’t think Sut is all that different.

  21. figure skating in winter olympics=gymnastics in summer olympics. You could always try out for the men’s team UM. I think the trails are two weeks away and then a camp in Texas to pick the rest of the team (after the top two placers from the trials).

    Yes, I know this stuff.

  22. Whatev, there is double standard here. Women can’t possibly sexually harass men! And honestly Jillian Barberie is only questionably female.

  23. I am unfamiliar with the Howie Long/Jillian Barberie dance. Maybe it is an act with Sutcliffe. And maybe Erin Andrews feels like it makes her more a part of the “club” when the boys tease her. Who knows?

  24. For the record, I immediately regret likening Sut EA to Jillian and Howie, that was pretty fucking cruel.

  25. LA, I think it’s more offensive at first because I can’t imagine WANTING a guy like Sutcliffe to ogle me… Maybe Erin has different standards. And I think the boy’s club idea has merit. But is it fair that to be part of the club she’s got to let herself be hit on whilest on air?

  26. No, I’m feverishly following gymnastics too SA. Cutie Shawn Johnson is from Des Moines. IOWA REPRESENT!

    We need something good right now since Mother Nature is KICKING US IN THE BALLS as a state.

    I had no idea this post was going to be any kind of a deal. I was just annoyed and threw it up there.

    I didn’t mean to offend anybody.

  27. Sorry SA, but I make it a point to not travel to Texas under any circumstances.

    I hate to cut off this love fest with the Ladies, but there’s a real mans* sport to watch.

    *i.e. fixed

  28. MC, it all depends I guess. When I was videographer for my undergrad football team, I rode the defense bus to away games (4-6 hour trips). And the guys would tease me about who I was dating on the team and if I was coming to their party when we got back from the game and stuff like that. It never felt “harassing” and I knew they did it b/c I was part of the group because the other kind of “cold” camera girl never got teased.

    But it still bugs me b/c it’s on air, not like in the privacy of the ESPN locker room or whatever.

  29. Also, I think it’s funny that the bloggers criticizing Ladies… for “ogling hotties” are the first ones to post completely unrelated pictures of hot women fans to score some easy pageviews. At least Ronaldo, as much as I hate him, is relevant to the game. Two girls in facepaint and bikini tops really aren’t. (Not talking about anyone who’s commented on this post, for the record.)

    And I would love it if Deadspin hired a woman as EIC. I don’t think it’ll happen, though. Can you imagine the kind of shit she’d have to deal with?

  30. I get home from work and MADNESS has broken out. Anyway, a few points – Sutcliffe is a drunk. It’s not ok, it’s unprofessional, and he should really stay off the sauce, but he is a drunk. Two, UM, this site is our outlet for ogling. Most of us write for other sites, and we would not do that at those sites. The same cannot be said for the male sites that are not focused on ogling. Three – my problem with women not being included is that it’s just a perpetuation of the old boys network. We talk about being new, different and progressive, but nothing has changed. Finally – Sooze roofs houses. You are even more my hero than you were before!

  31. My mommy says I’m handsome.

    Also, EA can totally handle herself. Look what happened with Joba Chamberlin. He said something to her on air and she kept her cool. Then she obviously used her female voodoo to make him suck major ass. She’ll probably make Sut’s penis fall off.

    Oh, and Harold Reynolds thinks this is BS.

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