Hit & Run: The One Where I Finally Write Again…

So much has gone since I last wrote.  The Red Wings won the Stanley Cup.  Another Boston team is poised to win a championship.  Some New York baseball team is seriously underperforming.  Well, you can say that about both of them.

I have watched so little sports in the past weeks, that I’ve caught up with the forty episodes of “Family Guy” (I decided “Siblig Rivalry” is my favorite episode – almost every line made me laugh, and “Vasectomy” was one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a looooong time).  It’s hard to pay attention to sports, when your favorite team is constantly crapping the bed.  And it’s not like they’re a horrible team.  They’re just flat out mediocre.  That’s even worse in a way.  Dammit, they’ve even taken away one of the joys of baseball season: reading Buster Olney’s blog.  It’s just too painful to read about the utter crapitude that the Mets have been wallowing in all season.

But good news!  They actually won.  Well. not before 9th inning hijinks!  Of course, Billy Wagner had to blow the 3-run lead before any winning actually took place.  What fun is there in doing it any other way?!  Carlos Beltran hit the game-winning, 2-run homerun.  It would’ve been nice if Wagner could’ve just recorded the save like he was supposed to, but I think it was important for these Mets to demonstrate some comeback-ability. 

Around the league

The Phillies lost to the Marlins, on the strength of Dan Uggla’s walk-off grand slam.

The Braves lost to the Cubs, but the Cubs lost Alfonso Soriano to a broken hand.

The Cardinals beat the Reds, but lose Albert Pujols to a strained left calf (I feel your pain, Andie – old man Alou’s been in and out with that injury for the past year).

Curt Schilling said something about Kobe Bryant, and Kobe Bryant responded in what he believes to be a clever and cutting way – “Go Yankees!”  Seriously, guys.  Kobe, unless you’re cheating on your wife or shooting threes, no one cares.  And Curt, shouldn’t you be off rehabbing or gossiping to us the goings-on of the Red Sox locker room?


5 thoughts on “Hit & Run: The One Where I Finally Write Again…

  1. Tuffy – WIN.

    Metsy – Glad you’re back! I think it’s now my life’s mission to memorize the vasectomy song and sing it, in its entirety, to an unsuspecting person.

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