Hump Day Hottie: Euro 2008

I’m pretty sure everyone out there knows of Euro 2008. And even if you’re not a soccer fan you’ve watch a little of the action so far. So in honor of the European Championship this month I decided that our HDH this week will involve the uber hotties running around in Austria and Switzerland. Here’s the thing-with 16 teams and probably more hotties that I could ever handle playing not everyone is on this list. But does that really matter?

Programming note: liveblog of Portugal and Czech Republic happening over at This Is Extra Time Noon EST, 9 AM PST. Come join us, it’ll be fun. How could commenting on how much Cristiano Ronaldo is a douche great player not be? (Sorry Mistress Christina! Love ya!)

Let’s start with my favorite player (so far) in this thing-Nuno Gomes from Portugal. Favorite in that he’s gorgeous and his family is adorable and that makes him 10X hotter than his normally hot self.

Petr Cech, Czech Republic

Ricardo Cabanas, Switzerland

Volkan Demirel, Turkey

Torsten Frings, Germany

Robin van Persie, Netherlands

Thierry Henry, France (yes, completely 100% predictable, but he’s smoking. What do you expect from me?)

Adrian Mutu, Romania

Cesc Fabregas, Spain

Fredrik Ljungberg, Sweden

13 thoughts on “Hump Day Hottie: Euro 2008

  1. How can you put a picture of Cech up without his headgear on? And booooo to not having Ribery make an appearance on HDH.

  2. @Pam. I was sooo just about to say that. This is why I’m starting to really like soccer. There are a lot of teams. The teams are large. The boys are young and cute. AND they are unencumbered by ridiculousness like padding and helmets. If it wasn’t so boring sometimes (Really France? 0-0 against Romania?) it would be in the running for my fave sport.

  3. Mistresschristina, I actually do consider soccer a favorite sport of mine, but it’s too much effort for me to follow anything that isn’t based in the US. Having played myself, I love the game. I get my soccer fix from the NCAA and the US national teams.

  4. Nuh-UHHHHH. Nobody is hotter than x-tina 2. (Stomps foot. Pouts in corner. Googles shirltess pics of C-ron to console herself. Instantly feels better.)

  5. again with the Frings… *shakes head*

    but I’ll let you off cos that’s a hot pic of Mutu and you put Freddie in there and my heart (and anything else he fancies) still belong to him after all these years.

  6. you need fernando torres and sergio ramos!!! but to be honest i think they both deserve their own hump day hottie page…

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