Chitown Chick’s Luck Theory

Mama always says that pigs get fat, and hogs go to slaughter. That is central to my luck theory – get greedy, and your luck will run out. This theory has been proven by the sporting world of my hometown recently.

Cedric Benson

Oh, Ced. After the boating incident, you had the sympathy of everyone who has ever been pulled over unfairly, who has ever been followed around a store because of the way they looked, who has ever been judged harshly because you were on a boat with your mom and lots of bikini-clad women. Then you went and did this. In one night, you wasted the goodwill of a city who didn’t like you all that much in the first place. I hope a fresh start works out for you, and for goodness sake, lay off the sauce. It may help turn your luck around.

The Bulls

The Bulls brass told us that Mike D’Antoni was going to be the coach. WOOT. D’Antoni would be great! He did a great job with the Suns, and could be exactly what the Bulls young talent ne-what? The Knicks hired him? That’s ok, they told us. Remember Doug Collins? We still have a great relationship with him and he is a great coach! All we need to do is seal the deal. Except, they forgot to seal the deal. They also interviewed Kurt Rambis, Brian Shaw, Tyrone Corbin, Dwane Casey, Jeff Bzdelik, and then they hired… Vinny Del Negro? Interviewing 174 people doesn’t make you smart, John Paxson, it makes you unfocused. When considering draft picks, please don’t give Wonderlic tests and workouts to anyone but Derrick Rose and Michael Beasley. This isn’t the time to test your luck.

11 thoughts on “Chitown Chick’s Luck Theory

  1. Oh Chicago sports. Vinny Del Negro?!!! Seriously, Paxson? You spent all that time looking for a coach and got VINNY DEL NEGRO?! Sad day. And Cedric! Yet another athlete who I stick up for when everyone else is ragging on him… and then he does something stupid and makes me lose all hope in him (ie Rex Grossman, Juan Uribe etc.) Nice post.

  2. What…no mention of the Blackhawks and their 47 year Cup drought? What’s this place coming to?

    I guess there *is* the death of Bill Wirtz to celebrate, though. So at least now you can watch them suck without the added insult of having to do it on pay-per-view.

  3. The Wolves are wonderful and quite mustachioed.

    Let’s not ignore the elephant in the room, though…the Cubs and Sox are kinda…you know…tearing shit up.

  4. Absolutely ignoring the elephant in the room because of the greatest luck theory – counting chickens before they are hatched. Jenn, I’ve been to Wolves games and they are great.

    You are all missing the point of this post. It’s not to say that Chicago is unlucky. It is to say that being greedy and stupid makes luck run out pretty darn quickly. I only used Chicago as an example because I live here.

  5. P.S. I have blogged extensively about the Bulls thing.

    It’s just so damn annoying. It’s like:

    “Oh, hi Flip Saunders. How is all your coaching experience doing?”

    “Pretty good, Pax. Would you like to interview me? I would love to coach the Bulls and be in on the ground floor of the Derrick Rose experience.”

    “No thanks. I’ve got this guy with no experience and no clear plan on how he plans to win that I plan to hire. Thanks, though.”

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