A bit late, but worth the wait! Rafa wins 4th consecutive French Open

No, the Ladies… have not turned into a Rafael Nadal fangirl site. Nonetheless, I will be the first to celebrate his awesomeness and overall hotness at each and every occasion. So here’s to you Rafa. Congrats on doing what only Bjorn Borg had managed to do before you: win 4 consecutive French Open titles. Here’s to continuing that streak (you are only 22 after all) and repeatedly dominating that most wretched of all players, Roger Federer, on the beautiful red clay. We here at Ladies… salute your triumph.

Bwahaha. So sad. No career Grand Slam for you!

RF: “Next year, I’m hiring a hit-man.”

RF: “I can’t BELIEVE he beat me so easily!” RN: “I can’t believe I beat him so EASILY!”

MMM, the delicious taste of victory.

Bah he’s so cute.

And so European, look at those red shoes!

Again, congrats Rafa. Now go and kick some ass at Wimbledon!!

5 thoughts on “A bit late, but worth the wait! Rafa wins 4th consecutive French Open

  1. It seemed like he kind of felt bad for beating the crap out of Federer. Also could you turn Ladies… in to a Rafa fangirl site? I’m just kidding of course I love it as is. But extra Rafa never hurt anyone.

  2. I think he did feel bad. Like if it had been close, he would have celebrated and dropped to the ground. But after total domination, he just lifted his arms. I think it was sort of disbelief because of how awful Roger played. Like seriously? I just won? The match is over? Roger doesn’t even TRY?

    /Bwahahaha I hate you Roger Federer retire already!

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