Guess the Hottie: Torso Edition

[This week the Ladies… are rolling out several new features. You already got a glimpse of “Ask the Ladies…”, well this is another new series-style post.]

Do you love to ogle athlete man-flesh? Do you spend hours on Google Images hunting down pics of your fave athletes in various states of undress? Could you pick your man’s abs out of a lineup? Well let’s put that knowledge to the test shall we? It’s time to play GUESS THAT HOTTIE! The Torso Edition.

Specimen Number 1:

Oh sweet mother of the baby Jesus. Who is the owner of those delicious hip flexors?

Specimen Number 2:

MMM. I’d like a baked potato with this slab of beef…

Specimen Number 3:

Why do they even make athletes wear uniforms? Thankfully this hottie has joined in our cause for shirtless sports!

Specimen Number 4:

This fine young man is leading the way in getting the other mens in his sport to work on their fitness.

Specimen Number 5:

Hint: He may play tennis…

Specimen Number 6:

My abs are so hot they asked me to model them. And my other bits.

Specimen Number 7:

I’ll give a small hint here, only because it was so surprising to me. MOST BASKETBALL PLAYERS DONT LIKE TO TAKE THEIR SHIRTS OFF (and subsequently have a photo taken and posted online). At least not the hot ones. (I found some disturbing photos of Magic Johnson with no shirt. *shudder*) Thankfully, this boy does.

Specimen Number 8:

I love you. However, I find your arms far sexier than your torso (but that doesn’t mean the torso isn’t beautiful as well. It’s really a testament to your arms).

Specimen Number 9:

Sometimes, I like my man-candy frozen.

Specimen Number 10: Saved the best for last :)

God created this scrumptious piece of man just for me (and an ever increasing number of topless models). Thankfully, he took some cues from them and whips his shirt off at the slightest provocation. Sometimes the bottoms come off as well. He is perfection. Look at those fuck-me muscles! They are calling to me….

The answers will be provided later today, but only after you all put in some decent guesses!


23 thoughts on “Guess the Hottie: Torso Edition

  1. 2 Quinn
    4 Edwards
    8 Nadal

    I swear I’m not gay. I remember that photo of Quinn on his cell phone. Edwards was easy with the hint. Nadal’s left arm is drastically bigger than the other for some (masturbatory) reason.

  2. 3- David Beckham
    6- Freddie Ljungberg
    10- CRISTIANO RONALDO- yummy!

    Why do I know the Soccer guys? I don’t watch soccer!

  3. You guys are GOOD. Haha, specimen number 1 has yet to be guessed… but everybody else is correct. I must admit, this was by far my fave post to put together! Haha trolling the internet for man meat for several hours, then cropping said photos into just beautiful chests and abs was really not a difficult task!

    Sorry I raided your photo bucket account. I should have let you know first…

    The freakishly large arm is his racket arm (and probably the arm he does other things with)

  4. With Euro 2008 going on next week can we please have a hump day hottie featuring Franck Ribery and Petr Cech on Wednesday?

  5. omfg

    I knew Freddie from his CK ads…but I wasn’t trying too hard to guess – I was too busy staring in awe and lust.

  6. And Morgan gets the last one! I don’t particularly like TO, but HOT DAMN. I would like to lay around and just trace the lines of his muscles with my fingers…

  7. Agreed on TO. I’ve felt like that for a while – as long as he keeps his mouth shut, I would do bad, bad things to him. For a few hours.

    I love the variety shown here. Decisions, decisions…as long as my choices are about hot shirtless dudes, I don’t mind that they’re so hard. I mean. Difficult. Difficult, yeah.

  8. I tried to get a variety of sports. It honestly could have been all footballers, as they seem to have the least problems stripping down. Basketball players were the hardest, I mean most difficult, to find. I didn’t even look for baseball dudes, only because I know so few of their names… I would have done some some fighters, but we already had the HDH with that beautiful boy, so I figured we had a dose of shirtless MMA for the week.

  9. @Dame: Loved the round table today. I better get espn stinking classic or Im going to be PISSED. Oh and #5. is Roddick. I still can’t get used to people calling C-Ron “Xtina” as that has been my nickname since that stripped album came out. I seriously read that and I was like “I didnt post any pics of myself…”

  10. #9 is definitely Sidney Crosby… I have the October 2005 edition of GQ!!! All I can say is……damn, he (not just his torso) is soooooooooo fine!!!!!

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