Hot Chocolate

While flipping through the pages of a People magazine recently, I saw an ad for M&Ms with NASCAR representative Kyle Busch as an M&M character. It makes sense, because they sponsor his car/team/whatever. Now, don’t get me wrong and I mean no offense, but I’m not a huge fan of racing or Busch. Still, it got me thinking about what other hot guys would look like as an M&M. It can’t be bad, right, combining two things women love – chocolate and really good-looking, fit athletes. So, I sent out a request to the Ladies… for their all-time favorite hottie and a pic. Follow me after the break to see who picked who and what the M&M Generator came up with.

Lady Andrea – Scott Rolen

Metschick – Grant Hill

Chitown Chick – Roger Huerta

Dame of Extra Time – Thierry Henry

SA – Shane Battier 

La M Alana – Al Horford

Miss Minda – David DeJesus

Mistress Christina – Cristiano Ronaldo

Cinnamon Girl – Niklas Backstrom

Not surprisingly, many of the gals picked their first sports crush. Ladies… Don’t you like seeing your names paired with theirs? C’mon everybody – tell me who you’d like to see in chocolate. M&Ms: they melt in your mouth, not in your hands.

19 thoughts on “Hot Chocolate

  1. M&M chocolatey goodness!! Makes me def. want to see if Grant melts in my mouth and not in my hand…

    (sorry – you know I had to.)

  2. Hmm, my pick looks like a girl M&M…. SAD. This is the awesomest idea ever! I like how you didn’t tell us WHY you needed our fave men, only to turn them into chocolatey candy goodness. I agree with Metsy, please insert melty chocolatey in my mouth or in my hand (or really, anywhere he feels like it) joke here.

  3. @ mistresschristina – Well, he is kind of a pretty boy, and I wanted to do justice to his lucious lips. sorry it’s not better

  4. @Cinn
    No I love it! Haha, Cristiano can look alittle girly… his inner M&M is just a bit more in touch with that feminine side :)

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  6. Jeez, apparently they thought of everything at my work. The M&M generator is considered “games”. I suspect that this will keep my amused this evening though.

  7. Like Mistress Christina mentioned…Cinnamon Girl gave us NO hints as to why she needed the hotties. And it worked brilliantly. This was the best way I could possibly begin my morning*!

    *except for the fact that it’s past 1 pm…whoops.

  8. GLEE. Just. So much glee. I love Al’s M&M, but I can’t even pick out a favorite. This is a perfect application of men and chocolate…or, well, I could think of more enjoyable ways to use the two, but you know what I mean. Oh, and, I love your pick’s perfectly-rendered hockey-hair!

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