Celebrate starting with Joba Chamberlain

All right, yo. In the spirit of Cinnamon Girl’s new zeal for fitness, let’s follow the example of a successful professional athlete and move, move, move! Today, we’ll look to New York Yankee Joba Chamberlain, a Nebraska native who had a sparkling run in relief last year (except that stupid bug game) and is making his first MLB start tonight.


Hey look, a former Husker! [/homerism] Get on up and dance with Joba after the jump.

One-and-two-and-one-and HIGH STEP! Left leg up, right arm sweep, and STEP-two-three-four!

Left leg up, right arm in!

That’s the way! Keep it up! Now make a wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide base and twist-six-seven-eight!

All right all right! Stand up straight and skip-two-three-four!

Skippidy doo dah!

Whew! That was intense. So stand in place and reeeeest.

In all seriousness, it’s hard not to love Joba Chamberlain. I know, he’s a Yankee. I know, I hate that team. Many of us here do…Evil Empire and all that. But for the first time in my life, I have found myself setting aside that burning hatred for the team, because my love and admiration for Joba was stronger. If you haven’t yet, treat yourself to his life story. It’s beautiful, inspiring in a way that’s bigger than a Hollywood screenplay, deeper than a gripping TV series, and definitely more human than some great disdain for a too-wealthy baseball team. I wish him the very best of luck in his endeavors as a starting pitcher, because he has earned the right to have only the best things come to him.

Plus, he makes a kickass Cowardly Lion.

UPDATE: Oh, dear. Things didn’t go so hot for our favorite little lion.

9 thoughts on “Celebrate starting with Joba Chamberlain

  1. Thank you, Minda. I’ve been in love with him since Day One. I know everyone hates the Yanks, but he is all that’s right with the world. And he’s only going to get better as he gets more starts under his belt. I expected things to be dicey tonight because he was so amped up.

  2. everyone does not hate the yankees. :)

    that being said, joba’s had the distinct misfortune to show up to the club during the “down years” between periods of success for us. he’ll have a fabulous career, but it might end up being in a don mattingly situation – an amazing player on a pretty bad team. i hope that’s not the case…

  3. I happen to like Joba but I definitely don’t like the Yankees. I really wish they wouldn’t start him. I just don’t think he’s made to be a starting pitcher. If it ain’t, why fix it?? I see nothing wrong with him staying a closer.

  4. @hibachi! girl – yay! Someone who doesn’t make me feel like a leper.

    @Gradvid Sizewright – He has all the tools to be a starting pitcher. Do you really want a guy with four good pitches (one of them a 100 mph heater and one a filthy slider) to pitch less than 90 innings as a reliever or 200 innings (eventually) as a starter? I also think he’s tougher mentally than many of the pitchers the Yankees have in the organization right now.

  5. Kristin, I’d love to see him as a starter too, eventually. But he’s kind of been thrown into the lake with hopes that he can swim here, and on a very large stage. Maybe he’ll figure it out – his next start is this weekend against my Royals – and last night will be an abnormal experience.
    Or if he doesn’t figure it out this way, he can be put back into the bullpen but used for longer and longer outings, then in Spring Training next year they can work him in as a starter.

  6. Minda, I think the main reason people want him to go back to the bullpen is that they think the Yankees are losing games because he’s not there. Not true. The Yankees are losing because Professor Farnsworth and crew suck and the line-up’s batting average with RISP is pathetic. I would concede this season if it meant that Joba, Phil Hughes, and some of the relievers on the farm could have the room to develop. It’s called rebuilding – fans in the Bronx should check into it.

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