How To Get In Shape With These Hotties

I don’t know about you guys, but I am really looking forward to vacation this summer. I mean checking and re-checking my airline seat assignments excited! Except for the fact that I’m going somewhere warm, with a waterpark, and I’m going to have to wear a swimsuit. Now, I truly do want to work out; I just wish I had the dedication. Or even just someone with a cattle prod to move me along. But I don’t. I’ve had memberships to gyms I’ve never used. I have an expensive machine in the spare room that is covered with dust. Dusting it might be the most exercise I’ve had in months. I’ve even had times I’ve planned to walk with a friend where I’ve begged off – feigning illness. I’m one of those women, ashamedly, who thinks having kids is workout enough. I need some motivation to get fit. And I think I’ve found it. Follow me to find out how to “get fit by summer,” after the jump.

I’ve developed a list of good exercises and training methods to get ready for bikini season. I’ve taken my all my cues from Men’s Fitness magazine, which is clearly not just for men. Here they are:




Healthy eating.
















Ice skating.


Boxing … while rapping.

Yes, these guys could get me working out. I’d like any of them to be my personal trainer. I might make these photos into poster-size reminders of what I should be aspiring to. Except I’m not as pretty.

However, I must say I don’t think I could go as far as Carl Edwards, with his no smoking, no drinking, no junk food, and obsessive twice a day workouts lifestyle. But he sure looks good for it.

Instead, I think I’ll adopt Jerry O’Connell’s “beer drinker’s guide to fitness.”

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