The Ladies… this week

Hey all, it’s time for our newish weekly feature: The Ladies… This Week. Pretty simple — It’s new stuff from the Ladies’ other websites this week.

Once upon a time, on a Sunday afternoon, a lady blogger was supposed to do this post about her fellow bloggerettes’ activities of the previous week. Instead, she disappeared into the wilderness for many hours, and now needs some water, aspirin, quiet, and sleep. But first, here’s the post she owed y’all:

Fantastic news: Arizona State has reinstated wrestling!!! Let’s not let any more programs be canned, shall we? Read more from Chitown Chick.

The Dame of Extra Time uncovers the truth about Didier’s slap-happiness with Vidic; it’s more scandalous than I could have imagined.

SA describes the best five bucks she ever spent. In a few minutes – long enough to get to the nearest store – it will be the best five bucks I’ve ever spent, too.

La M Alana is pretty disheartened with this year’s NBA playoffs.

Miss Minda hasn’t been at her computer a whole lot, but saw a pretty sweet extra-innings game one night last week.

Lady Andrea did the “god-awful” American Idol finale in her usual hilarious fashion, and calls out some “writer” for being a superdouche.

Annnnd…I’m out.

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I hail from Nebraska, and I like to take pictures. I love the Royals more than what the Surgeon General recommends (the recommendation, in case you need to know, is about 4.5 milligrams per day for persons of average height and weight).

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