Live-blogging the Champions League Final a.k.a. Leering/Hating with the Dame

He’ll be there.

Your girl, the Dame, is going to be live-blogging the Champions League Final over at This Is Extra Time.

Do join me otherwise I’ll be leering/perving/hating on Frankie Lampard, JT and the crew all on my lonesome, which would be tremendously unbecoming, I think.

[Dame’s note: Even though I have done so in the past…frrrrw! One-on-ones with the lads have become tremendously rare these days, however.]

I’m sure Owen Hargreaves beautiful, curly hair will come up at least once. Being an Arsenal fan a snide Cashley joke may also slip through.

Drop by, say hi, bully Chelsea with the very best in the business!

Skip on over, already!

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