Hump Day Hottie: Chelsea vs. Manchester United

Even if you know squat about soccer (like me) you must have heard about the Champions League final today featuring two of the big clubs from the EPL-Man U. and Chelsea. And since we’ve been highlighting some of the the teams competing for a championship in our country, I figured it’s about time to extend the coverage internationally. And we’re going to start with Chelsea.

No, Frank Lampard is not on the pitch or have a soccer ball anywhere near him, but god DAMN does he look good right here.


Ashley Cole

Andriy Shevchenko

Joe Cole

John Terry

Michael Ballack

Man U.

Owen Hargreaves

Christian Ronaldo

Michael Carrick

John O’Shea

3 thoughts on “Hump Day Hottie: Chelsea vs. Manchester United

  1. Cashley DID NOT just get all up in this post. EWWWW.

    (Even though I used to have a teensy – read: huge – crush on him when he played at Arsenal, f*cking backstabbing tw*t c*nt)

    What happened to your favourite French asshole, SA?

    Sigh. Joe Cole is so beautiful.

  2. my good lord. joe cole in that sweater? could anything be cuter? michael carrick also needs a stiff drink and a warm woman to work out his apparently super tense-ness. (word?)

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