Jockeys, Horses Can Be Kind Of Cute Too

All the buzz about horse racing on the television I kept hearing this past weekend made me wonder what it’s all about. So I checked it out, and it turns out jockeys and horses can be kind of cute.

More exciting, however, is the chance for Big Brown to win the Triple Crown. He’s already won the Kentucky Derby, and the Preakness just this weekend – hence, all the buzz. The Belmont Stakes are in three weeks, and if he can maintain his perfect record, he’ll be the first since Affirmed in 1978. Jockey Kent Desormeaux said, “This is the best horse I’ve ever ridden.” That’s quite a compliment, given that he rode Real Quiet in 1998 and won the Derby and Preakness that year.

The jockey likely agrees with his nine-year-old son, Jacob, who was on hand with his wife Sonia and his other son in the winner’s circle, when he said, “I wish Daddy would buy Big Brown. Mom, can we buy Big Brown?” Jacob, who suffers from Usher syndrome, lost his hearing at birth and is slowing going blind. It would be extra special for Desormeaux and his family to get the win at Belmont.

As I’m sure it would be for Big Brown, his trainer Rick Dutrow, Jr., and his owners, Michael Iavarone and Richard Schiavo. Most agree that it would be a boost for the sport, that has suffered with the loss of Barbaro and Eight Belles. Who knew jockeys and horses could be kind of cute?

One thought on “Jockeys, Horses Can Be Kind Of Cute Too

  1. I like the phrase, “given that he rode Real Quiet in 1998″… i wonder if he tiptoed when he got out of the car too? there is really no way to say that horse’s name without making it sound like it was an action that was done.

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