Weekly Top 30: NEW LEADER!

Very busy this week.  New rankings.  One word comments.

1st place: Florida Marlins at 23-14. Shit!

2nd place: Arizona Diamondbacks at 23-15. Yep.

3rd place: Boston Red Sox at 24-16. Grrr.

4th place: Chicago Cubs at 22-15. Boooooo.

5th place: Oakland Athletics and St. Louis Cardinals at 23-16. Decent. Slipping.

Only Huston Street can get away with cheese like this and look damn good doing it.

7th place: Tampa Bay Rays at 21-16. Shit!

8th place: Los Angeles Angels at 22-17. Sliding.

9th place: Houston Astros at 21-17. Charging.

10th place: New York Mets at 19-16. Middling.

11th place: Philadelphia Phillies at 21-18. Meh.

Yeah, you’ve seen the photo before. So what? It’s Chase Utley!

12th place: Minnesota Twins at 19-17. Wow.

13th place: Los Angeles Dodgers and Atlanta Braves at 19-18. Shrug.  Yawn.

15th place: Baltimore Orioles, New York Yankees, Chicago White Sox and Cleveland Indians at 19-19 or 18-18. Shit! Haha. Skid. Creeping.

Diving catches=hot

19th place: Milwaukee Brewers at 18-19. Pesky.

20th place: Pittsburgh Pirates at 17-19. Huh.

21st place: Texas Rangers at 18-21. Huh.

22nd place: Toronto Blue Jays at 17-21. Dropping.

23rd place: Kansas City Royals at 16-21. Sad.

24th place: Detroit Tigers and San Francisco Giants at 16-22. Better. Lincecum.

Your requisite Granderson picture.

26th place: Washington Nationals, Colorado Rockies and Cincinnati Reds at 15-23. Improving? Geez. Wah-wah.

29th place: Seattle Mariners at 15-24. Not-last.

30th place: San Diego Padres at 14-24. Yikes.

25 thoughts on “Weekly Top 30: NEW LEADER!

  1. It makes me sad that in a post on Ladies… the most someone has to say about the MLB rankings is “Yawn.” or “Meh.” This blog used to be funny and biting and one of my all time favorites to read. If all of the writers are going to try and be more informative in their posts now, then they need to give more than a half assed effort in doing so. My new assessment of the Ladies… blog: Blah.

  2. Well, Philadelove, the writer balances writing this with law school and a full time job, so we’re sorry that we don’t meet your expectations. You try getting a blog post up while also finishing a ten page paper.

  3. Sorry to disappoint you, Phillie. It wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that it’s your team I said “meh” about, would it?

    I spent last night feverishly trying to get a paper finished so that I graduate from law school in a week, so I did not have the time to put in the usual effort. Sometimes real life happens.

  4. I got many many texts from all my Cards fan friends. It’s the end of an era. We’re all hoping the Cards sign him to a Vet’s minimum or just do the “one day” signing thing so he can retire as a Redbird.

    I love Jimmy Baseball. sniffle sniffle.

  5. That ‘meh’ was being kind…they should still be in the lead instead of trailing the marlins (!) by 3 games. But, such is life and WHERE is that Huston picture from?! I always wonder what they are thinking and if they are as embarrassed as I am looking at it.

  6. Burnsy, that was totally not one word. Gosh.

    Philadelove: Your name confuses me. Phila=love, like a pedophile – I’ll let Burnsy make that joke, though. And Delphi=brotherly, or the most sacred city in Greece. So Phila-delove? Phila-d-love? Fila jackets? All I know is that it profoundly disappoints me, from a linguistic standpoint.

    Now. Do you see what I just did there? I was missing the point of your post. Just think about it.

  7. @La
    I believe, and I think this is the term kids these days are using, you totally PWND him (or her). From a linguistic standpoint. :)

  8. It’s really not about the “meh” for the Phililes, because, yes they’ve been a little “meh” lately- especially this past weekend. You’ve said a lot worse things about other teams in these rundowns.

    I’m terribly sorry about your ten-pager, we’ve all been there, but I simply wanted to make a comment about how I felt. I apologize that it doesn’t fit in with the usual comments about how much people like the posts. I used to love them all, I just feel that as of late (past few months), Ladies… has been slipping away. The fun that I used to feel in the posts is gone. I could just stop reading, but I like the idea of Ladies… and I hope that some of the writers get back into the spirit of how the blog used to be.

    You can pronounce my name however you want, I don’t care.

  9. Well, philadelove, my comment was more concern with the etymology of your name (or your apparent disregard thereof) than of its pronunciation. It simply makes no sense to me as a semantic construct. Frankly, it bothers me.

    And as to the quality of the work:
    A) None of us are being paid for this; you, as a valued member of our readership, are not paying us. Nor is anyone else. This is a hobby, albeit a fun one with a good, broad community of people to share it with.
    B) The majority of us are students at some level or another; I’m not sure if you’re aware of this whole “school year” business, but now is finals/year-end time, and we are all outstandingly busy. I know if I had more time, I would make more in-depth posts – but I don’t have time. (See also A: not getting paid.)
    C) Seven of us are new to this. Chill for a while, eh? Bearings and all that.

  10. I understand school, I graduated two years ago, and I have BEEN THERE on the long days and terrible finals- double majors are very “sounded like a good idea at the time”.

    I also know that there are a lot of new writers now, and I am looking forward to getting to read more from them. I appreciate your hobby! It’s entertaining and I wish that more people could make a living writing things like this, because, generally, it’s ten times smarter than most stuff on TV, and those writers are well paid. I just wanted to speak my mind without writing a novel about all of the various reasons why it doesn’t necessarily matter what my opinion is, because I’m just one person and you all don’t HAVE to write this blog. However, I guess you put the words into my mouth, anyway.

    For the record It’s Philadel (as in the city) and love (as in I love it here).

  11. Occasionally I see the opportunity for an incredibly cheesey pun or phrase. However embarassing it may be, I have to go for it…

    Can you Phila de love tonight!

    That’s how I read it anyways.

    I’ll hang my head in shame and hide in the corner now.

  12. ladies… i like the general sauciness of the comments tonight! damn! getting all those feelings out on the table! i’ve got to say that anyone criticizing someones blog is pretty freaking ridiculous considering how we’ve all learned from will leitch’s recent tv adventure about how critical people can be. it’s a blog. for fun. ’cause we’re ladies and we like our sports. so lets leave it that way, and enjoy what we’ve got ’cause lord knows we’ve got enough on the outside that makes life awkward and lame.

  13. As a writer on this here blog, I have to say that I appreciate constructive criticism, and it’s good to know that not everyone loves us. We all always have room to improve. However, in my opinion, Lady Andrea took the fact that she was incredibly time-crunched and still made it funny.

  14. I rather enjoyed the one word comments. I also totally remember the article that had that Huston Street picture. Good stuff.

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