Hump Day Hottie: NHL Western Conference Finals

I’ll admit it – I don’t watch much hockey. I have tried – I really have – but my sports love has never extended to the ice. However, after checking out the men of the Dallas Stars and the Detroit Red Wings, who will start their playoff series on Thursday, I may have to start watching.

Well, hello, Mr. Willa Ford.

First, the Dallas Stars:

Chris Connor, right wing

Loui Eriksson, left wing

And of course, Mike Modano, a center whose birthday, coincidentally, is the day after mine.

And now for the Detroit Red Wings:

Henrik Zetterberg, Left wing

Andreas Lilja, Defense

Chicago’s very own Chris Chelios, Defense (We miss you, Chellie!)

And speaking of hotties from the Windy City, may I present Brett Lebda, defense?

12 thoughts on “Hump Day Hottie: NHL Western Conference Finals

  1. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a shirtless pic as much as anyone else…but that Modano mag cover looks just a little too airbrushed.

  2. @Pam
    I totally agree. It’s look “ooh pretty shirtless man”, but on second look its like, hmm what is wrong with him that he needs to use Mariah Carey’s retoucher?

  3. I can’t look at the team that knocked mine out right now. Ugh. But um…Andreas Lilja? Yes, please.

  4. I can’t find any good pictures, but having watched the Red Wings for a couple years, I must say Valtteri Filppula is quite good looking. Not a big fan of the dyed blonde hair though.

  5. It wouldn’t be the first time Men’s Fitness overdid the airbrushing. Last year they gave my (*sniff*) ex-boyfriend Andy Roddick arms that were bigger than his head. When he saw it, even *he* reacted like, “What am I, Nadal?”

    Also, I appreciate this post because I’m a New Yorker and so I’ve decided the Eastern Conference Finals don’t exist. It’s good to know that I’ll still have hotties to look at as I pin my hopes on the West.

  6. Men’s Fitness loves to airbrush. I have the copy with Josh Beckett on the cover and seriously, Josh looks like a cyborg with a really big belt buckle.

  7. Love Modano. I had a huge crush on him back in high school, which makes me feel old now as I write this.

  8. Ok, don’t ask how I got here, lol…but the 2nd pic of lebda is not lebda actually…it’s former red wing jiri fischer…he suffered a heart attack during a game in the 2005-2006 season and hasn’t returned since. I believe he holds a front-office position with the wings now.

    Detroit Red Wings
    2008 Stanley Cup champions!!!!

    (and my g.f. would like to suggest you put red wings forward valteri filppula on this list)

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