Hump Day Hottie: NHL Eastern Conference Finals

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you. It’s double the dose of HDH. Why? Well, why not? And as I have nothing else to add here except words for the sake of having words, let’s get to the all Pennsylvania final.

You know we’re starting with Crosby, right? Yes, I’m that predictable.

Pittsburgh Penguins

Ryan Malone

Jordan Staal

Kris Letang

Brooks Orpik

Marc-Andre Fleury

Philadelphia Flyers

Danny Briere

Joffrey Lupul

Mike Richards

Patrick Thoresen

R.J. Umberger

Scottie Upshall

Martin Biron

Okay, the hot picture of Biron is in Cinnamon Girl’s post from yesterday, so this one has his gorgeous eyes on display.

20 thoughts on “Hump Day Hottie: NHL Eastern Conference Finals

  1. My first year of university I voted for a guy for student council president because he looked like Scottie Upshall.

  2. this wednesday needed two hdh posts… and i got my wish. thank you, ladies… i now do not need to drown my sorrows in a bottle of cheap red wine while watching wheel of fortune.

  3. Is Jordan hugging his brother there? If so, I approve muchly, SA. Eric is still the hotter Staal though.

    @ Act – Come on! Seriously? He’s boring as a board and a little annoying but he’s pretty.

  4. I had the strangest dream about Fleury two nights ago. And yes he was in full goalie gear…

    Although I find Sid absolutely dreamy, he does has some epic teeth. :)

    But no list of hot Pens should be w/out the original Penguin hottie, SuperMario! (Honestly, he’s the reason I started following hockey!)

  5. He’s cute AND his last name is fun to say!

    Until I got into the habit of referring to him as “Kris LePuntang”

  6. @Tuffy Well, that IS generally how i spend my wednesday nights anyway (i’m not even kidding), but the fact that i didn’t NEED to last night after all these hot-sporting-men made it all the better. :)

  7. @ DoET

    Did you see that ‘stache he tried to grow? *shudder* I’ve always found him ugly. He’s not even attractive in that “ugly hockey player” kind of way like Ovechkin or something.

  8. Ain’t nobody watching you, Sid. You ain’t that fly…

    @Empress Act: I totally agree with you. Ovie is like quirky looking that makes him alright. Sid is just, ugh.

  9. I might agree that the kid is adorable, but he needs to get rid of that fucking perv mustache . It makes me feel dirty.

  10. I am way late to this post, but I was watching the Pens-Flyers game yesterday afternoon and I think Sid the kid, besides being making me feel like a dirty old woman, is unfortunately now the third person I like who has the same first name as one of my dead relatives…

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