Go Hawks!

This is how many people thought we’d actually make it this far!

If you love basketball (and don’t happen to be particularly attached to the Celtics) you have to love the Celtics-Hawks first round series. The Hawks take it to Game 7! Who would have thought that the number 1 seed Celtics would have this much trouble with the young and feisty Atlanta Hawks? I think most people had them out in 4, maybe 5 to be generous. But really, the point of this whole post, is so I can post pictures of the oh-so-adorable Al Horford. I love him. One of the other Ladies… introduced me to his beauty, and well, I am eternally grateful. Enjoy…

No offense to Kevin Durant, but this is my Rookie of the Year.

Playoff Stats: 13.3 ppg, 10.2 rpg, 3.7 apg. He’s also 6’10”, mmmm.

And, for good measure…

So much sadness. I hope they realize that the next game is their last chance to be the Celtics they are supposed to be…

5 thoughts on “Go Hawks!

  1. I’m not particularly attached to the Hawks, but I loathe the Celtics.

    I sure hope the Hawks can pull this off.

  2. I like the Celtics, but I don’t really care about them. I love that Atlanta has taken it this far. I love how much trash talk has gone back and forth between the 2 teams, the technicals, the physical play. This is really what you want to see in the NBA playoffs. It sucks that one of these teams has to go home after the next game because I would love for both of them to stick around just to keep things interesting. I would way rather watch the Celtics and the Hawks than say the Jazz or the Pistons…

  3. If I have to see the Pistons or… gag… another Eastern Conference team get beat down in the Finals, I may swallow my tongue to get out of sitting through Games 3 and 4 of the Finals.

    On the other hand, screw manifest destiny. I’m rooting for Bubbles and the Hawks.

  4. This amuses me muchly. Go Hawks! I hope Game 7 at least goes to overtime, and then that the Cavs push them to a 9 game series.

  5. Man, if unforseen circumstances hadn’t intervened, this was what my post was going to be about. Thanks for picking up the b-ball slack – and consider the Horford-introduction favor repaid. Someday, someday on ESPN they will refer to him as “Heartthrob Horford”…

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