The Final Countdown… well, not really

This weekend, weather permitting, the Cubs and Cardinals will have their first of many games this season, and your Ladies… are on top. Of the action. (Hi-yo!) Resident Cardinals fan, Lady Andrea, and Chitown Chick, a Cubs fan who had her first crush on Jody Davis, will liveblog Saturday’s game. We will be using Cover It Live, so come join us!

Andrea’s Note:  I believe the game is being hosted at BUSCH, Chitown.

Chitown’s Note: Sad! Score one for the Cards fans!

A thing of beauty is a joy forever.

12 thoughts on “The Final Countdown… well, not really

  1. Fun fact: My first Major League game was at Wrigley.

    This is always a fun series; I’m looking forward to the hot live-bloggy action!

  2. Do you still have all your crushes on hunchbacks, Chitown Chick? (I kid from love.)

    It’s okay, though. Looking up and down that Cardinals lineup, the Busch gaffe may be the only scoring going on for Andie and her team all weekend. (Oh, yes. Yes, it’s on.)

  3. I like St. Louis, it’s a nice city and the arch is beautiful. But I also love Chicago, the food there is so good. I’m so conflicted right now!

  4. go cubs go…hey chicago whadda ya say..the cubs are gonna win today! well not today but definitely tomorrow

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