The Post In Which I Completely Pat Myself On The Back

Remember back in March when Lady A announced that as a blog we were doing an in-house bet? Well, that bet wasn’t anything too big. Whoever won the tourny pool would get a banner with their favorite hotties on it. Well, thanks to Kansas (it’s like they keep giving me reasons to love them) I won the tourny. And because of the win I get my own hottie banner. As you can see above, my banner only features my three favs: Gerald Henderson, Curtis Granderson, and Tom Brady. Why those three? Check the reason after the jump.

Why I chose Henderson: Because of these-

Yes, I know Christina and I will be throwing down after this. In pudding no less.

Why I chose Brady: Because he’s Tom F’n Brady. He has three Superbowl wins. He went to Michigan. And he’s Tom Brady. Need I say more?

Why I chose Granderson: If you really need an answer for this than you’re not an American. Or Canadian. Or anyone who likes the base and ball. Or anyone that’s living and breathing. Or…ok, you get the idea.

Granderson and The Big Tilde. What more could you want?

So yeah. Those are my banner guys. This’ll be up for a month so if you hate Duke or Tom Brady (which is 98.4% of you) then I suggest you start hoping someone in Ladies… start beating me in fantasy sports. Not to say that I’m the best or anything, but I tend to finish pretty damn well. Like last NFL season. The fantasy QB results? Yeah, won by me. And what y’all didn’t find out was that I also won the Yahoo FF league for Ladies. And because of that I got to have my own little bobble head.

I seriously love that thing.

So yeah, enjoy the banner. I know I will.

MAJOR thanks to Chitown Chick for making the banner. You rule.

15 thoughts on “The Post In Which I Completely Pat Myself On The Back

  1. 1. Brady is a douchie. A very hot, sexy, can-I-get-your-pants-please douchie.
    2. Granderson. Anyone unwilling or unable to acknowledge his hotness needs to STFD.
    3. CC does indeed rule. That banner is fantabulous.

  2. Thank you. I loved doing it. And I will love it even more when I one day get Roger Huerta or Tommy Rowlands up there. : )

    And as I said to SA when she sent me the pic – I am not a Brady fan, but DAYUM is he hot in that pic.

  3. Tom Brady is overexposed, and not in a good way. I’d be a Patriots fan (and I SHOULD be a Patriots fan) if not for his being everywhere I look.

  4. SA- I do happen to have a year supply of pudding laying around, so whenever you want to go, I’m ready. Just bring the kiddie pool….

  5. I really like the new banner – with the exception of Tom Brady. I’m a White Sox fan, and I must admit Curtis Granderson is simply beautiful and seems like such a genuinely great guy. Duke is also a life-long passion for me, and Gerald Henderson is absolutely amazing.

  6. I can’t get down with Tom Brady. It’s the dimple. I just don’t like the dimple in the chin. Too John Travolta for me.

    (Oh yeah, and he’s Patriot-scum. That too.)

  7. 1) I love that you picked the picture of Granderson learning how to read.

    2) Will this be regulation pudding or freestyle?

    3) If I pat you on the back and it seems to get progressively lower it’s because my arm is tired.

  8. @Burnsy
    I’m more of a freestyle pudding wrestler myself, but I will defer to SA, as she is the perpetrator of the heinous offense, and should be able to pick the manner of her pudding covered demise.

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