Playoff Hotties: We’re Going to Miss You in About a Week Edition

In no particular order, let’s take a look at the boys we probably won’t be seeing much of in two or three games!

Denver: Kleiza!
To sum up the Denver defense:

THIS! IS! DENvahh fuck it.

Well, to be fair, Linas always plays hard.

Nom nom nom…I mean, uh. If you’re into that sort of thing.

Houston: Aaron Brooks
Aaron Brooks is a Rocket, but he used to be a Duck. But if you look at him, sometimes it seems like he kind of still is.

Maybe Utah: Deron Williams
Deron: D’aww.

Atlanta: Al Horford and Acie Law IV
Yes, Al again. Two reasons. 1) In addition to being the cutest on the teams, he’s also been playing extremely well; and 2) who else am I going to pick? Josh Smith? Other Josh? Marvin? I think not.

Detroit: Arron Afflalo
Arron Afflalo! The general consensus of my last post seemed to be: NEEDS MOAR AFFLALO, and I am nothing if not accommodating. He doesn’t play a lot and has had essentially zero effect on the games thus far. But, eh. He’s handsome.

Mmm. Sweaty.

Phoenix: Steve Nash
Oh Steve.

Steve breaks my heart every single year. Do you hear that, Steve? You’re making a litltle girl cry again.

Maybe San Antonio: Emmanual
Really, I think the Suns could win this series. But remember how I couldn’t find a hot Spur? Still can’t. Well…no, okay, goddamnit. I’ll post young!hot!be-haired!Manu. BECAUSE I HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE.
Ignore Tim and Tony’s usual hijinks – that’s what Manu does:

I feel unclean. So very, very unclean.

Dallas: Stack

HAHAHA JUST KIDDING GEYEZ. Stack’s one of my favorite guys in the league, but I wouldn’t use “hot” to describe him. But seriously. If anyone can find me a good picture of a hot Mav, I’ll post it. Because God knows I can’t find one.

Toronto: Jamario Moon.
He may not be the hottest Raptor, but I’m going to miss him the most.

Goodnight, Moon. I’m so sorry I couldn’t help it

I think Washington’s going to lose, but we just had the Wizards, so instead:
Cleveland: Sasha Pavlovic!
Sasha is a punk and that’s why I love him. Although sometimes I can’t tell he and Linas apart.

Just because Sasha is a Russian gangster doesn’t mean I have to make a Russian gangster joke. Though he totally is one. (Yes, even though he’s Serbian.)

And by popular demand: ‘Bron.

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