Hump Day Hottie: Washington Wizards

While this isn’t my favorite time of year, I must admit that it’s pretty cool that both the NBA and NHL have their playoffs and Finals during the same time of year. Every single night there is some type of sporting event you can watch. Which means that every single night there are hotties running up and down the court or skating around the rink. It gives us a chance to observe all the men we would (or have) normally miss. So while the NBA and the NHL goes through their playoffs from now until June we’re going to make our Hump Day Hottie a team event. Up first is the Washington Wizards. Cause who knows how long they’re gonna still be in the playoffs.

This is Caron Butler. He looks 10x hotter in a Wizards uniform than a Huskies one. Between us Caron we’ll forget you went to that pesky school in Connecticut, ok?

Roger Mason

Nick Young

Gilbert Arenas

9 thoughts on “Hump Day Hottie: Washington Wizards

  1. The first time I had ever heard of Nick Young was La M.’s NBA playoffs preview. I am so mad that that’s the first time I knew of his existence. Of course that’s probably what I get for not paying attention to college basketball west of the Mississippi.

  2. Tuffy: I was going to pick up that line and run with it, then felt too guilty. Poor Etan.

    Carom’s got such an interesting face. I very nearly picked him to represent the Wiz, but I decided cutie Nick Young was a better matchup against Boobie. Roger Mason…I wouldn’t say he was a hottie, exactly. But I do want to pick him and cuddle him, for some reason. And, oh, Gilbert. He’s not hot, but his shooting so is.

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