Introducing The New Ladies…

Two weeks ago we made an announcement looking for a few new ladies. And all I can say is wow. We had so many more emails than Wanda, Andie, and I were expecting. And let me tell you guys now that it was a hard decision. We had to turn down some people we really wanted to join. People that were kickass writers. People that would have fit in like a glove. We argued and argued and argued over who should join us. And then we ate some pie. But then it was back to arguing. And in the end we think we got the women who will help continue the Ladies… brand.

Before we get to introducing, let me say how much we appreciated all the applications we got. Seriously, all of you rock. You honestly have no idea how hard it was to pick our final gals. If there was a way we could take all of you we would. For reals. Thank you to everyone who submitted to join this little blog of ours. And please don’t stop coming by and commenting on Ladies… It’s because of you that this is so much fun to do.

Now, the newbies…

Cinnamon Girl

Birthplace: St. Paul, Minnesota

Turns Me On: Good food, generosity, and dancing in the living room

Turns Me Off: Stereotypes, tardiness, and cock-knockers

Team(s) I Root For: Vikings and Wild and Gophers

Teams I Hate Irrationally: Green Bay Packers (of course), Duke (I don’t know why)

50 Word Biography on Yourself: Cinnamon Girl attended the University of Minnesota for undergrad (journalism) and law school and now practices in the Twin Cities. She has four great kids and is married to Weed Against Speed from Melt Your Face Off. Look for “hot” older guys and Minnesotans – when possible – featured in her posts.

Is it called Soda or Pop?: Pop

50 Years from Now I’ll Look Back At My Time With Ladies… and Think…: I’m so old already that I’ll probably be dead 50 years from now.

Chitown Chick

Birthplace: Melrose Park, Ill (outside Chicago)
Turns Me On: rear naked chokes, a well-turned doubleplay, a tight cradle, coaches who go crazy when they are coaching, and good hugs
Turns Me Off: designated hitters, stalling in wrestling and MMA, people who don’t go to a game to watch the game, Brett Favre
Team(s) I Root For: Missouri Tigers, Chicago Bears and Cubs – I guess I like the Bulls and Blackhawks, too, but I don’t watch much hockey or pro hoops
Teams I Hate Irrationally: Green Bay Packers, Kansas Jayhawks, St. Louis Cardinals Oklahoma State wrestling
50 Word Biography on Yourself: I’m a Chicago gal, through and through. My love of sports come from sitting and watching ESPN with my father, running around my brother’s wrestling meets and sister’s swim meets, and learning about boxing from my grandfather, a man who sparred with Rocky Marciano.
Is it called Soda or Pop?:POP!
50 Years from Now I’ll Look Back At My Time With Ladies… and Think…: how lucky I was to get together with some great women, talk sports, and ogle some hot guys.

La M. Alana

Birthplace: Gainesville, Fl
Turns Me On: That’s for me to know and for Chris Hansen to arrest you for finding out.
Turns Me Off: You’re. Your. Come on.
Team(s) I Root For: the Warriors, the Nuggets, the Marlins, the Gators, and whomever I happen to like
more in any given game.
Teams I Hate Irrationally: Memphis and Vanderbilt. Screw ’em.
50 Word Biography on Yourself: I’m M. Alana. In no particular order, I like music, singing, writing, porn, sports, and languages. I love basketball more than most anything in the world, so that’s going to be my beat here. I’ve been lurking on sports sites for quite a while, and quite enjoy all you commenters; I look forward to dictating my whims to you.
Is it called Soda or Pop?: What, is that some kind of communist Minnesota thing? It’s coke. If it’s clearly not Coke, it’s cola.

50 Years from Now I’ll Look Back At My Time With Ladies… and Think…: “My fellow Americans, I owe a great debt to those Ladies…I stand high before you now because I stood then on the delicate, jersey-clad shoulders of giants.” – from my inauguration address

Mistress Christina

Birthplace: Bellevue, Washington. (‘Bout 15 mins outside of Seattle)
Turns Me On: One handed dunks. Tight jersey tops (thank you Nike!). Tall, pasty boys with vacant, bug-like, blue eyes. Boxing out. (That is not even dirty! Defense wins championships.) Bulging biceps. Cocky struts. Passion. Fast cars. Fire-suits. Bubble butts. Broad shoulders. The will to win.
Turns Me Off: Resembling a rodent. Wasting talent with laziness. Not loving college basketball. Pretending you know about a lot about sports, when it’s pretty obvious that you don’t. Cameron Crazies. Leaving before your eligibility is up! (I know you can make a lot in the pros, but wont you please stay? For me?)
Team(s) I Root For: UNC Tar Heels Men’s Basketball! I bleed Carolina Blue. Cannot wait until the end of October when b-ball starts back up. Washington State Cougars. Undergrad allegiance is hard to kill (although it was surprisingly easy during the Sweet 16). Basketball they are number 2, football number 1. I also root for the Seattle SuperSonics, but it has dwindled in the last years because watching them makes me hate David Stern and Clay Bennett and I really don’t need all that rage in my life. I am also a supporter of all things Dale Earnhardt Jr. related, including his race team (but not his candy bar. I mean seriously?).

Teams I Hate Irrationally: Duke. But really, this kind of hate is totally rational. Who likes Duke?? Other than Duke fans that is… I think it really starts with the Antichrist at the helm. I mean all those pale, 3 point shooting, white boys don’t even have a chance to turn into good human beings after years of tutelage from the son of Satan. Rat-boy is the epitome of hypocrisy! He makes me so mad! I could go on, but I wont. For SA’s sake…

Also I really cannot stand the University of Washington Huskies. I hate them. Almost as much as Duke, and in some ways more. They don’t have the history or the record to back up their endless douchebaggery. In state rivalries really are the best. GO COUGS.
50 Word Biography on Yourself: Abandoned as an infant then subsequently raised by wolves in the forests outside of St. Petersburg, Russia. Was “rescued” at about age 13 (that is only a guess because no one knows when I was actually born). For the last decade I have endured intensive social rehabilitation where a group of anthropologists and sociologists have taught me how to speak, feed myself, not attack random strangers or lick myself in public, etc. (The not attacking people has been really hard… hence my extensive criminal record.)

Or maybe I’m just a law student who moved from Washington to North Carolina and have lead an average, albeit totally awesome life… ‘Tis a mystery.
Is it called Soda or Pop?: It’s Pop bitches! Although living in the South causes me to drop an occasional “soda” into the conversation, that’s just trickery caused by my surroundings!
50 Years from Now I’ll Look Back At My Time With Ladies… and Think…: That I was really lucky to get to work and write with this awesome bunch of fun hilarious Ladies! (Wow that was super sappy! Don’t laugh.)

Miss Minda

Birthplace: A town the size of a Wal-Mart in the middle of the Nebraska wilderness.
Turns Me On: Baseball socks worn the proper way (see: Sizemore, Grady), sabermetric awareness, eye black, triples, facial scruff, dominant pitching, muscular calves and forearms.
Turns Me Off: Stupid goatees (especially the ones that aren’t attached to any kind of mustache), smoking, cheating, and bad grammar.
Team(s) I Root For: Kansas City Royals! Nebraska Huskers!
Teams I Hate Irrationally: White Sox, Dodgers, Notre Dame, BYU
50 Word Biography on Yourself: Born, raised, and still in Nebraska. I work for the Omaha Royals (AAA-affiliate for KC), and do some research for Joe Posnanski. I’m a journalism double-major at the University of Nebraska, but mostly I just watch ESPN, read sports blogs, play videogames, eat wings, drink Dr. Pepper, and Photoshop things.
Is it called Soda or Pop?: All those around me cal it pop, but I generally go with soda, just to be contrary.
50 Years from Now I’ll Look Back At My Time With Ladies… and Think…: Man, I spent a LOT of time sitting at a computer in those days. Good thing I have the internets implanted in my brain now so I can really multitask.

Dame of Extra Time

Birthplace: Parkdale, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Turns Me On: Goalkeepers/tenders. Especially the ones that are a bit naughty.
Turns Me Off: Cristiano when he’s gloating, John Terry when he’s harassing referees, Landon Donovan all the time.
Team(s) I Root For: In order of priority – Leafs, Argos, Toronto FC, Arsenal.
Teams I Hate Irrationally: Chelsea. If Lampsy weren’t so pretty I would’ve personally stabbed him in the face already. Also, the Sens. Even though I’ve got a rather debilitating obsession with Ray Emery – see turn ons.
50 Word Biography on Yourself: Once, in grade 4, I got into a full on fistfight with a boy who decided to be an asshole and crash down the block tower I was building. I went ballistic and the teacher had to pull me off him. I’ve since learned to control my temper.
Is it called Soda or Pop?: Pop.
50 Years from Now I’ll Look Back At My Time With Ladies… and Think…: Ah, remember the days when Thierry Henry’s bum-bum was tighter then a sealed jar of pickles? Mmm…I could so go for a pickle right now.

Empress Act

Birthplace: New Jersey
Turns Me On: Hockey. Grammar. Height. Quirkiness.
Turns Me Off: Devils/Islanders fans. Abercrombie T-shirts.
Team(s) I Root For: New York Rangers. New York Mets. (And, techinically, the Giants, too.)
Teams I Hate Irrationally: New Jersey Devils. Long Island Islanders. New York Yankees. Philadelphia Flyers. Pittsburgh Penguins. (Hockey rivalries are intense.)
50 Word Biography on Yourself: I like grammar, hockey, baseball, and under-appreciated secondary colors. I’m a Rangers season ticket holder who likes that Prudential is basically a second home (because the Devils have no fans, you see). I like the Mets and 90s music. I’m planning to go to school for copyediting.
Is it called Soda or Pop?: Soda.
50 Years from Now I’ll Look Back At My Time With Ladies… and Think…: Wow, what strange punctuation they used on that bio survey. /shot

And to get you a little refresher on the original Ladies…

Lady Andrea

Birthplace: Cedar Falls, IA
Turns Me On: a diving stop at 3rd and a rocket to 1st for the out, getting roses for no reason, celebrating a huge win, being kissed on my neck.
Turns Me Off: bad manners, rudeness, people AT the game not paying attention
Team(s) I Root For: Iowa Hawkeyes, St. Louis Cardinals, Colorado Avalanche, Cleveland Cavaliers, St. Louis Rams, Indianapolis Colts
Teams I Hate Irrationally: the Cubs, Iowa State, the Florida Gators (though none of these are irrational)
50 Word Biography on Yourself: Superstar law student. Blog Mistress. Corn-fed Midwestern gal. 152 inches of pure mayhem and pool domination, like if friggin’ Optimus Prime got to fight against 3rd graders. Honey-limbed lovely, flaxen-tressed harlot. Swiss Army Knife of 5-tool players. Trafficker in snark.
Is it called Soda or Pop?: Duh, it’s pop.
50 Years from Now I’ll Look Back At My Time With Ladies… and Think…: what a long, strange trip it’s been. /channeling my Pam Beasley


Birthplace: New Jersey
Turns Me On: David Wright homeruns
Turns Me Off: Mets bullpen implosions
Team(s) I Root For: Mets, Rutgers Scarlet Knights
Teams I Hate Irrationally: Yankees
50 Word Biography on Yourself: Here’s be the deets: I’m 29, a lawyer with a supremely boring job (but hey, it’s a job), and a 3 year old daughter who is the apple of my eye.
Is it called Soda or Pop?: Soda
50 Years from Now I’ll Look Back At My Time With Ladies… and Think…: Damn, I had a lot of time to kill with those anipal posts.


Birthplace: MUSC. Or Trident. Or Roper. Somewhere in the Charleston, SC.
Turns Me On: Complete blowouts, knowing how to pronounce my name correctly, sufficient music knowledge to combat my ignorance, chocolate
Turns Me Off: Stupidity, conceitedness, strawberry ice cream
Team(s) I Root For: Duke basketball, Michigan football, Detroit Tigers (woo bandwagon year!), and a small soft spot for South Carolina football
Teams I Hate Irrationally: North Carolina, Ohio State, North Carolina, Clemson football, North Carolina, Boston Red Sox (only b/c of the media attention. Other than that I’m actually pretty OK with them). And did I mention North Carolina?
50 Word Biography on Yourself: I’m insane, you idiot! Remember the other day, when you told me that I had pit stains? Well, I have cried every fifteen minutes on the half-hour since you told me that. I am wracked with self-doubt. I have panic attacks. I’m claustrophobic, germaphobic, phobiaphobic. I talk to myself. I talk to my cat. I talk to three separate shrinks about the fact that often my cats respond to me in my mother’s voice. And yesterday, when that stupid pretty surgical nurse handed you a pair of latex gloves, I almost killed the guy whose leg I was stitching up because I couldn’t stop thinking about the two of you having sex on a box of steaks! Why a box of steaks? ‘Cause my dad had an affair with a female butcher! And, as I mentioned before, I am insane. There! I opened up! Are you happy?
Is it called Soda or Pop?
: Coke
50 Years from Now I’ll Look Back At My Time With Ladies… and Think…: They actually let me join the blog at the beginning? What were they smoking? And can I have some now?

101 thoughts on “Introducing The New Ladies…

  1. Ladies and gentlemen, uh, we’ve just lost the blog, but what we’ve seen speaks for itself. The Ladies… blog has apparently been taken over – ‘conquered,’ if you will – by a master race of new contributors. It’s difficult to tell from this vantage point whether they will consume the captive male readership or merely enslave them. One thing is for certain: there is no stopping them; the Ladies… will soon be here. And I, for one, welcome our new Ladies… overlords. I’d like to remind them that as a trusted blogging personality, I can be helpful in rounding up others to toil in their underground image searches.

    Congratulations new Ladies… and well done to the old school trio.

  2. I’m so excited for all these new Ladies…and very happy that Mistress Christina loves Jr. as much as I do…(although Carl Edwards has a totally hot body!)

  3. So many Ladies! Love it, although I’m still partial to SA :) And the majority of you are right, it’s Pop unless you’re from the south, then it’s Coke.

  4. @Chloe: Please believe I will be bringing some NASCAR updates here! The other ladies… spend the sumer watch boys throw balls at each other and run around a diamond. I watch fast cars go round and round while only turning in one direction! PS Have you tried his candy bar??? I almost bought it, then I noticed its called “Dale Jr.’s Big Mo'” Im serious. Come onnnnn marketing!!! You have to know people are going to be like “Jr.’s a Big Mo'”. So sad. It also has like 30 grams of fat in one bar. I shit you not.

  5. @Mistress Christina: To wit:

    What is Big Mo’? Sure, it’s a candy bar, but it’s also everything that Dale Jr. loves—including chocolate, peanut butter and caramel. Big Mo’ is racing. The way you need it like oxygen, because it’s in your DNA and if you’re not around it, you can’t keep going. Big Mo’ is your buddies. Hanging out ‘til all hours of the night crackin’ jokes, playing pool and just kicking back and having a good time like you always do. Big Mo’ is being true to yourself. When you get right down to it, that’s the only thing that matters—doing what you love because you love it and not needing any other reason.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with it.

  6. @Weed
    OMG, you cannot be serious? Is that from the website???? They have to know people are going to mock that endlessly!! I’m sitting back, chomping into my 37 gram of fat chocolate covered peanut butter caramel goodness (which does sound damn good actually) but instead of enjoying my candy, you’re making me think of the gay undertones of your poorly thought out marketing campaign!!

    On a side note, can they really, in this day and age, argue that people need candy like oxygen?? I might on occasion, but really, should you remind me what a fat kid I am whilest I eat it??

  7. @ Weed
    Did you see my first comment? I typed so fast that I misspelled at least 4 words. The caffeine had yet to kick in/ I have spelling issues.

  8. Congratulations! I’m glad to see some soccer coverage, especially by a Lady that hates Chelsea. Clearly a sign of good taste. That and the goalkeeper thing.

  9. Aww, thanks Tiff. :)

    BTO-yes, that’s pretty much how you say it. Although the original name that SA is a nickname for is a bit harder.

  10. @Kristin
    OBVIOUSLY! Haha those Dodge commercials aren’t on every ten minutes because he’s ugly!! He’s also from my home state, so I have a soft spot for him. I just wish he was with a better race team, it’s sad to see him fighting in the back of the pack when he is clearly an awesome driver.

  11. Whooo! Go all of us!

    @ Amanda – I don’t know why people try to convince us otherwise; Chelsea = Poopies. The evidence is there for all to see.

    Sexinho needs to come back though – I miss him desperately.

  12. @Ellen – I’m happy to oblige with both hockey and the MN content (which kind of go hand-in-hand). So sad about the Wild last night.

  13. Congrats and welcome to all the new Ladies…!!!

    And I agree, no important decision making process is complete w/out pie. :)

  14. @Dame of Extra Time: I didn’t even realize you were from TIET. Awesome. And … Sexinho? I just pray you’re not talking about Ronaldinho. I’m currently way too focused on MLS for my own good. Particularly the Crew. Help.

  15. Parkdale? Did this Dame of Extra Time just move there now that it’s all fancy and hipster, or did she grow up when it was too scary a place for me to ever venture near?

  16. Wow, y’all’s front office was really working overtime (meant in the dirtiest possible way)… Those look to be some really solid off-season acquisitions…

    Especially a footy enthusiast/Chelsea-hater and a girl after my own heart who wrote “In no particular order, I like music, singing, writing, porn, sports, and languages…”

  17. Andie, I didn’t know you hated the Gators!! Boo!! What did we ever do to you?

    And welcome to the new Ladies!

  18. Mistress C-

    “They don’t have the history or the record to back up their endless douchebaggery.”

    ORLY? 64-30-6 in the Apple Cup. Also: not in Pullman. Let the endless douchebaggery continue!

  19. @ Sager Bombs

    Pssshhh. Don’t make me throw a jack daniels bottle at your head! And my reference was in comparison to a legit contender like Duke, who I hate but must grudgingly admit that Satan has 3 champ rings. UW isn’t good at basketball or football. Mind you WSU has a craptastic football program as of late as well. But basketball, man, when I actually went to the school we were so bad, I never attended a game. The athletic dept often resorted to bribery! Then suddenly, not only did we get a hot coach, but his hotness made the team not suck! It never ceases to amaze me how far a little hotness will take you…

    Oh and I agree with Pullman sucking. Fun for a few years, then you realize that you hate the taste of Busch Light and come out from your beer coma and its like wait this town it TINY and BORING.

  20. I can speak for the rest of the Pac 10 when I say I hope his hotness takes him… back to a Big 10 program. And yes, we do suck right now, but five years isn’t much of a sample size. Rivalry hate is fun though. You NEED us to hate like we need you. But we save our real hate for successful programs too. Like Oregon.

    No one told me I was supposed to come out of the beer coma.

  21. SA: Whoo, Charleston! Double-whoo for (the real) USC!
    No “whoo!”s for the (somewhat) unkind feelings towards the Greatest Team (For Whom Jacoby Ellsbury Has Ever Played.. see, because he’s only played for one professional team..but the Sox are, nonetheless, the Greatest Team Ever–yeah, they got that trademarked).

  22. @The Legend of Vincent Tremblay

    Psh. Two numbers: 1.87 and .916 (GAA and SV%, respectively).

    Honestly, the thing I’m most afraid of is the level of ridiculousness the officiating will be at. Between Avery and Crosby… it’s going to be a nightmare.

  23. @Lady Andrea:

    Really, you’re upset about an OUTBACK BOWL loss?

    Look, I realize that was maybe the apex of Iowa football (or do we not mention You Ess See here?), but UF got royally screwed in ’03, losing to a Chris Rix-quarterbacked team because of official incompetence:

    (No hard feelings, though; I just hope a few good Gators can turn you away from the Gator Hater Nation.)

    Nice to see the Gainesville-born getting a platform like Ladies… to share views, though, and welcome to all.

  24. Andie: my avatar isn’t new – just seems that way since I’ve been a busy worker bee for the last three months. How come my boss doesn’t understand that I need to be here?!

  25. @ thistlewarrior: I did indeed. I can’t really tell if that’s more Columbus being good or DC completely falling apart, but I’m not going to complain if it results in an away win.

  26. @ Sager Bombs

    You don’t HAVE to come out of the beer coma. In fact it is not uncommon for Cougs to spend 5+ years trapped in a Busch scented haze. I just happened to peace out after 3.5 years. I really hate Busch Lite.

  27. Congrats to all the newbie ladies, particularly to Chitown Chick (Cubs fans stick together) and Minda, b/c she’s done some good commenting over the last year.

    Keep up all the good work. Great blog, no matter if you’re a guy or gal.

    And being a guy, I look forward to the Lady Andrea/Chitown chick mud wrestling match when the Cubs and Cards square off.

  28. @ Rockabye: See? You looked it up and got mad all over again. I don’t care if it was the Poinsettia Bowl…it sucks to get screwed out of a win. Also, I hate Joakim Noah and all the fellating that went on for him.

  29. And I’m not saying that we would’ve won for sure, but they completely took it out of our hands on top of a ridiculously lopsided reffing job all game. Chris Spielman was calling the game and I’ve never in my life heard an announcer so incensed for one team.

    Okay, I’m done.

  30. @ Secret Identity – That would be Parkdale in the 80’s. Way before the douchies in skinny jeans moved in and WAAAY before the Beems.

    @ Amanda – Ew, not fug-teeth! I meant Mourinho. I know what you mean, babe – my boys beat the Gals last weekend and I’m now having premature visions of the playoffs. It’s sad and I need to calm down. I’m still a bit pissed off at Liverpool, by the way.

    @ beingsven – I hope the Chels-hate bandwagon never ever runs out of steam.

  31. @ Dame of Extra Time: Ah. Somehow I forgot about him. And I’m used to being the subject of people’s Liverpool-related ire; my best friend (Goalscoring Robot) is a huge Arsenal fan.

  32. @ Amanda – Wow. How did I not catch on to the you being Goalscoring Robot’s best friend thing? Even though she does mention you on the regular… I guess that’s just me being a thick-o. Oh, and just HOOWWWWW do you forget Jose?! Hm??? He was special, damn it!

  33. I’m a little confused….can someone please explain this blog to me?????? cuz since it is listed under the catagory of fastest growing blogs or whatever, I can’t really understand it….and I want to understand it….NO I MUST understand it or I may lose a good deal of sleep pondering the meaning of this blog…wh are the “Ladies?” What do the ladies do? Am I not a lady? Cuz all my life I have been referred to as a lady….but…geez someone pleeeeeeeeeeze help me!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and I am originally from MN, love the Vikings when they are winning, was very partial to the Northstars Hockey team until they didn’t exist in MN anymore (am I aging myself?), and for any other pertinent info you can check out my blog, which is fairly self explainatory! :)

  34. Joe B-hey! We’re not all bad.

    lauralovesbrando-my problem isn’t with the team, it’s with the media coverage of the team. If I have to hear “it’s the greatest rivalry in sports!” one more time I’m gonna hit someone. And this is coming from a person who’s a fan of two teams that get that spiel every November and February. The actual Red Sox are ok with me. The media that covers them can go jump in a lake of fire.

  35. Welcome, newbies! I drop by here now and then, and it looks like things will continue to be interesting ’round these parts.

    Mistress Christina: I pull for the Heels too and have done so for quite a few years. I work for an organization (elsewhere in the state) that is closely affilitated with the university, but was a Tar Heels fan even before I came to my current job. Looking forward to reading your entries.

  36. @ Dame of Extra Time: Well, when he’s not making outrageous statements to the press every week or getting arrested for taking his pets across state lines, he’s easy to forget. ;) (Also, I don’t want to blow your mind, but Footie Girl is Canadian, too.)

  37. Dame of Extra Time
    Birthplace: Parkdale, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Bullet! Bullet!
    I like how you name Parkdale like it’s some official name or city.
    Also seems like your a football chick. No love for the Jays & Exhibition Stadium? At least BMO Field is now over there.

    And unless you prove it, I may think your one of the hipsters that moved into the ‘hood.
    Anyways, good luck? J-Block, inner city Toronto represent!

  38. @The Legend of Vincent Tremblay

    Heh, my bad: Those were Lundqvist’s number just against the Penguins. He’s had no trouble with Crosby/Malkin.

    Conklin’s been good, but this year is a far cry from his last two (his numbers have improved ridiculously), and I’m still not convinced it’s not a fluke. Fleury just isn’t that good of a goalie (I’m also finding he’s 2.33, .921, which are still good, but not as crazy) … I’ve seen him play over and over, and his success befuddles me. The only explanation I can come up with is that having such a crazy offense helps the defense. Eh.

    Yeah, Avery-Ruutu is probably a combination the likes few have ever seen. I still associate Ruutu with that horrible dirty hit on Jagr in the Olympics a while back, and I wouldn’t be surprised if someone on the Rangers goes after him.

    At the end of the day, I’m banking on Washington or Boston to upset (because lets face it, Philly should be the higher seed). Pittsburgh is a good team, and I’d rather them be just a little more tired before facing them.

  39. @ Tito Toronto – Well, that’s because the PK IS official. I haven’t been back to Parkdale in a really really long time though; the visions I’ve still got are still of those junkies milling around in front of the IDA.

    No, the Jays’ get some love, no worries! I’m not much of a baseball girl but I root for them of because I’m from here and because Alex Rios is fine as hell. The Raps as well – I can harbour a bit of VC-hate with the best of ’em.

    @ Amanda: Haha I almost forgot about Jose’s Yorkie!

  40. @Christina

    I’m glad the east side finally has a voice in the sports blogsphere. Make us proud! You go girl! Etc!

  41. …as in RED Sox…..and as Jack Nicholson would say….”Is there any other kind??” Not a Red Sox hater in the bunch…..Lovin’ the Yankee haters! Welcome New Ladies! I’m still wishin’ for open wheel comments….lets get it on.
    Hey ecl1958!! I keep bumping into you.

  42. Extra P.
    Ahh. Being a Royals fan, I’m used to the idea of being best buddies with other Royals fans, but hating each other when it comes to college sports. It happens. Go Royals!

  43. Pingback: team history on the st louis cardinals

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