Playoffs?!? PLAYOFFS?!?

First off, an excuse to post this YouTube clip:

Secondly, we’ve got some playoffs happening/about to happen right now. First off, the NHL playoffs are in full swing and here’s the quick n dirty run down of the all the Best of 7 Series:

Capitals-Flyers are knotted at 1-1
Penguins demolishing the Senators 3-0
Red Wings preying on the Predators 2-1
Canadiens over Bruins 2-1
Starts up on the Mighty Ducks 2-0
Flames leading the Sharks 2-1
Rangers taking it to the Devils 2-1
Wild get wild on the Avalanche 2-1

All the Wild/Avalanche games have ended 3-2 in Overtime. My little heart can’t take it. Also, I don’t think my man Svatos has played AT ALL yet. What’s up with that?

Finally, the NBA playoff field has been set even though there are 2 games left to play. There can still be a little shifting in the match-ups, but it looks like the Eastern Conference is sending: Boston, Detroit, Orlando, Cleveland, Washington, Toronto, Philadelphia and Atlanta. The Western Conference is sending: LA Lakers, New Orleans, San Antonio, Utah, Houston, Phoenix, Dallas and Denver. Last year’s playoff Darlings Warriors juuuust missed the cut. Too bad for them.

I’ve randomly decided I’m rooting for Cleveland (who am I kidding, it’s not random. I love Lebron James) so here are some Cavalier Hotties. Or 3 hotties and a big goofy white guy. But what would a team be without the big goofy white guy?

Yes, I know this picture is old. But CUTE BOYS!

6 thoughts on “Playoffs?!? PLAYOFFS?!?

  1. The Avs/Wild series is probably the best of the bunch too. Although I haven’t caught a whole lot of the late games.

  2. Love the clip.

    Yay Pens!

    Nice to see I’ll have good company on the Cavs bandwagon. I already loved Lebron, but now that they have Wally too they have my undivided devotion.

  3. Svatos tore his ACL :( he’s re-habbing after surgery.
    Supposedly he’s skating tho…
    He is sadly missed.
    Fortunately they re-ran his stint on What’s cooking with the Avalanche? recently…
    Now if only they’d re-run the one with Cumiskey again…

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