Weekly Top 30: Week 2

Again, since not all my comments are used over at Bugs & Cranks and also because by the time the rankings are compiled my rankings are a couple games old, here they are:

1st place: Arizona at 9-3. Their trio of Owings, Webb and Haren look damn good so far this season.

2nd place: St. Louis at 9-4. Kyle Lohse has a 1.04 ERA and the bats are starting to come around now.

3rd place: Milwaukee at 8-4. Tuesday they start a 3-game series at St. Louis. That ought to separate the men from the boys.

4th place: Oakland at 8-5. The most boring good team so far.

5th place: Chicago White Sox at 7-4.

6th place: Florida, Baltimore, Chicago Cubs, Toronto, Kansas City at 7-5. In order: don’t care, huh…the Orioles, two games behind haha, huh…the Blue Jays, and yay Royals! The Cubs are home against the Reds and Pirates for 6 games straight, which should help them out. The Royals were the darlings of the first week of the season, but have dropped a few since. I like what I’ve seen from Teahen, Butler Gordon and Bannister so far.

11th place: LA Angels, San Diego, Boston at 7-6. In order: don’t care, don’t care, and SUCK IT BOSTON. However, this might end up being Matsuzaka’s year, he’s looked good so far.

14th place: Tampa Bay, Pittsburgh, Minnesota at 6-6. In order: huh…the Rays, if you were going to get swept by the Cubs at least you made it take 36 innings, and geez Minnesota. I think the Rays should be pretty excited to be at .500 so far. Also, Xavier Nady is off to a nice start.

Mmmm, Xavier…

17th place: Philly, Seattle, Cincinnati, New York Yankees at 6-7. In order: thanks for taking 2 from the Cubs, don’t care, way to just get swept by the Pirates, and SUCK IT NEW YORK.

21st place: Mets at 5-6. How have they played two less games than everybody else? Lazy-ass Mets.

Not much to do with this season,
just an awesome picture. Look how high they are!

22nd place: Colorado, Atlanta, LA Dodgers, Cleveland, Texas at 5-7. In order: nice going defending champs, don’t care, don’t care, kind of surprised and good for you Rangers! The Rockies are totally schizo. They drop 5 in a row, and then win 3 in a row. What the hell are they doing?

27th place: San Francisco, Houston at 5-8. Don’t care, don’t care. I can’t believe the Cardinals account for 40% of the Giants’ wins.

29th Washington at 4-9: Awww, the Nats are such teases. They taunt their fans with a 3-0 start, then drop NINE in a row. Good lord. They’re about to go on an 8-game road trip against the Mets, Marlins and Braves. That oughta be fun.

30th place: Detroit at 2-10. As my late Grandma Donna would say, the Detroit Tigers are “sucking the hind tit.” Snerk.

15 thoughts on “Weekly Top 30: Week 2

  1. Minda, she was the best. After my grandpa passed away, she became the most active little old lady. She was in a group of old lady line-dancers called “The Silver Liners.” They would perform in the mall and at nursing homes and in parades. She was a cool lady.

  2. The Cubs are trying to give me a heart attack this season. Three games have gone into extra innings already this season. I’ll take it as a good sign that they have won them all, but still. My heart can’t take a whole season of this.

  3. I could see the Royals losing their sense of self on Saturday night… it was the new uniforms. The baby blue jerseys so stylish- but the white pants? Not so much. It wasn’t doing a lot for those cute midwest-baseball-playing asses.

  4. I agree CosmicAnna – they would look much better in the powder blues – which happen to be very popular here in KC. They gave away replica Billy Butler powder blue jerseys Saturday night & it was a mob scene – I thought I was going to be trampled!! All this in freezing cold weather – baseball is alive in KC again – whoo hoo!!

  5. KCMichelle, did you at least get one of the jerseys? They showed on FSN that Butler himself, as well as Trey Hillman, Zack Greinke (which to me is a BIG DEAL given his social anxiety), and others were handing out some of the jerseys themselves. It’s an incredible thing to give away, anyway, and I’m glad to see powder blues. As for the white pants, they might look better if certain players didn’t wear them so baggy! (Joey Gathright, I’m glaring at YOU right now. You’re much hotter than your baggy pants are letting us believe.)

  6. Dice-K was the new face of suck last night. Painful to watch. Kind of like Lester tonight…..

    I’m channeling the theme song to Growing Pain….ommmmm

  7. Oh my goodness, kcmichelle, did you happen to watch the postgame interview with Butler tonight? It was in the locker room, and some sloppy (or deliberately awesome) camera work led to the showing of someone showering in the background. How the heck did that happen????

  8. OMG Minda – I totally missed that!!! Dammit. We need some you tube footage!! I did get a jersey – unfortunately they are a little on the small side so most people walking around actually looked like Billy Butler in them!! I didn’t see any of the players handing out jerseys – cursed again! Yeah – if Zach had been in the mob I was in – there would have been no complete game last night!

  9. Ew, so upon further review, it appeared to be…John Buck. NOT who I was hoping for…. why oh why couldn’t it have been Grudzy, DeJesus, or any of our other fine looking gents? I have the interview on my DVR but I have no idea if there’s a way to get that on to the YouTubes. I’ll find a way, but like I said…John Buck.. :S

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