Hump Day Hottie: Marek Svatos

The NHL playoffs start tonight with matchups between Rangers-Devils, Senators-Penguins, Flames-Sharks and Avalanche-Wild. Last year, I decided I needed an NHL team and I chose Colorado. It had a little to do with their comeback playoff run (which fell short), a little to do with their awesome jerseys, and a lot to do with Marek Svatos. Seriously, I bought a jersey. So I hope he stays in Colorado. He’s a 5’10, 185 Right Wing and he’s gorgeous. Go Avs!

8 thoughts on “Hump Day Hottie: Marek Svatos

  1. Wow, Andrea, I’m impressed that you got a jersey! And it’s signed?! Well done. Yes, Colorado’s jerseys were decidedly more awesome before they changed their style for this RBK jersey nonsense.

    Fucking hockey jerseys are so expensive. I have waaay too many.

    For some reason I think Minnesota is going to win that series.

  2. Minnesota is certainly the favorite, but I’ll follow it and root for Colorado. Unfortunately the Versus on my cable is showing the other games all week, so I might have to go somewhere.

  3. Okay, Minnesota was the favorite before Nick Schultz’ emergency appendectomy earlier this week, leaving the Wild even shorter for defensemen. Now, even local hockey journalists here are picking Colorado. We’ll see! (I hope you guys are right.)

  4. In the 3rd picture from the bottom (sitting in street clothes), dare I say that he looks Bradyesque?

    That’s some hardcore dedication to actually by a sweater that was signed by him.

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