Last night was easily the best Finals I’ve seen in a long time. In fact, I can’t even decide on a better one so I’m dubbing this Best Finals I’ve Ever Seen. The NCAA tourney is my favorite time of year, hands down, but the Finals always seem to be a disappointment. This year, the score was close the entire way and both teams looked really athletic. The Kansas comeback to force overtime was OUTSTANDING. I did remark to my table in the bar that it was kind of a bummer that Memphis unraveled in OT. I was so high after the end of regulation that I wanted the back-and-forth to continue, but Kansas really took it over.

For those of you who live under a rock, here is the end of regulation:

Congratulations Jayhawks!

6 thoughts on “HOLY CRAP, AWESOME

  1. I about had a heart attack when Chalmers hit that shot. Then I was jumping around my living room when regulation ended. Hopefully the guy living below me wasn’t in bed yet.

  2. Poor Memphis and CDR. I will happily provide a shoulder for him to cry on.

    Although I can’t be mad at Kansas and was genuinely happy for them. After what they did to Carolina (sorry Christina) I will root for the Jayhawks from now on.

    And with this there is no more college basketball until November. :(

  3. I hope to see the “HOLY CRAP, AWESOME” title more often, even if it becomes devalued.

    “HOLY CRAP, AWESOME deal on Frito-Lay products at Safeway this week”

  4. oddly enough my bracket chosen strictly on hotness did better than the one I spent time researching and thinking about.

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