Frozen Four: North Dakota

There’s another ND in the Frozen Four and it’s the Fightin’ Sioux of the University of North Dakota.  To finish out the regular season, the ND Sioux went on a winning (or tying) streak that dated back to January 4th.  They stumbled a bit in their conference tourney, but rebounded to beat Princeton and Wisconsin on the way to the Frozen Four.  They’ll face Boston College in the first round on Thursday at 5 pm. Below is your All-Hottie team.  I’m partial to Kyle Radke myself.  Call me!

The best part about this picture is the man nonchalantly sipping his Diet Coke…

Jean-Philippe Lamoureux, senior, goalie, 5’8, 152 lbs

Taylor Chorney, junior, defense, 6’0, 196 lbs

Andrew Kozek, junior, forward, 5’11, 195 lbs

Darcy Zajac, sophomore, forward, 6’1, 193 lbs

Brad Miller, junior, forward, 5’10, 170 lbs

Michael Forney, sophomore, forward, 6’2, 188 lbs

Matt Watkins, junior, forward, 5’10, 182 lbs

Aaron Walski, junior, goalie, 5’11, 179 lbs

Kyle Radke, senior, forward/defense, 6’0, 212 lbs

Chris VandeVelde, sophomore, forward, 6’2, 204 lbs

13 thoughts on “Frozen Four: North Dakota

  1. I’ll take Zach Parise…Oh wait, he’s not on the Sioux anymore. (I have his college jersey and everything!) Or perhaps, Darcy’s brother, Travis. Wait, he’s not on the Sioux anymore either. In that case, I’ll battle Andrea for Kyle. (If he plays forward and defense, he’s probably not very good at either one).

  2. Love me some Taylor. I just want to run my fingers through his lovely hair.

    Is it just me, or does Chris look a bit like Luke Wilson?

  3. I remember when I was in high school I had a huge crush on Karl Goehring. Aaron Walski had a ridiculous game back when he was in the high school title game, though his team lost. Yes, I am from North Dakota.

  4. Snoopy, I almost sent this post to their school emails. I thought, “How funny would it be to get an email about ladies ogling them on a website?” Haha. But I didn’t. : )

  5. Alright, done and done. I sent the link to one of them. I figure North Dakota doesn’t get a lot of notice, so maybe they’ll all find it cool. Cool and not scary. : )

  6. The screaming teenage girls of Grand Forks would be extremely disappointed that you did not post a picture of TJ Oshie.

  7. Okay, I looked earlier and I looked again tonight. I must say, although it will date me, that a few are extremely good-looking … but most of them just make me think like a mom and calling them “hot” seems wrong! They look like such nice boys. (oh, what’s wrong with me?)

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