I Am So Sorry

You can blame the pitching. You can blame the hitting. You can blame the injuries. You can even blame the coaching managing (hey, I’m still learning, cut me some slack). None of that is the real reason the Tigers are stinking it up the first week of the season. The real reason is because of yours truly.

For some reason I am kryptonite for teams. The last championship I saw was in 2001. I don’t need to talk about the tribulations of the Duke teams since then. And Michigan? Well, I was completely expecting them to be in the MNC race last season and we all know what happened the first two weeks of the season (STILL DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT). So is it really a coincidence that when I finally decide to follow a MLB team they suck for the first six games of the season?

Ok, it probably is. But still, I feel like my bad luck has rubbed off on them. So Tiff, ThistleWarrior, Becky, Yostal, and the rest of the Tigers faithful-I am so sorry. Hey, I’ll become a Royals and White Sox fan. I’m almost certain they’ll start to suck too. Don’t everybody hate the Yankees? I’ll totally root for them now. Because I’m slowly but surely bringing y’all down. And why should you guys suffer for my bad mojo?

15 thoughts on “I Am So Sorry

  1. don’t feel bad, i think it’s my fault too.
    the braves have been going downhill since i decided to like them back in ’98 or ’99. and then this year i picked the tigers to win the world series.

    tigers fans – i’m sorry too.

  2. Well, I’m blaming myself for Pedro Martinez getting hurt (complicated chain of karmic reactions involving my fantasy team), so I understand what you’re going through here.

  3. Actually I’d like to thank you, I’m actually a Reds and White Sox fan (although I did pull for them a little when Sean Casey was there :) ).

    Maybe your fortune will change this weekend when UM wins the Frozen Four. Go Blue!

  4. @ alix – the Braves lose every time I see them in person. 5 times now, and once was even a 7-0 drubbing at the hands of the Mets when the Braves were in first place and the Mets were in the toilet. I have tickets to two more games this season, and I’m seriously debating whether to go (Ok, not seriously, because I love them, but you know what I mean.)

  5. I’ve never cursed any baseball teams, but every team I decide to cheer for in the NCAA Tournament immediately goes out. (With the exception, this year, of Kansas.) I definitely understand your problem.

  6. Thistlewarrior-well damn. I had thought you were a Tigers fan. My mistake. Sorry.

    Pam-got it. Go Rangers!

    See, this is how bad my jinx is-I was rooting for Memphis tonight. And the player I was rooting for the most? CDR.

    I give up on sports.

  7. It’s cool. I think my Michigan fandom provided the confusion. I know it bewilders the hell out of all my friends. (born, raised and still residing in Ohio)

  8. aw, SA, it’s not your fault. I wish it was! But I wish to blame the cosmic forces instead. We need Grandy!!

    Could Carlos Guillen look anymore deflated (and scrumptious) in that picture above?

  9. Thistlewarrior-I would say that it’s weird, but as someone who is the same way (replace Ohio with S. Carolina) I know the feeling.

    Tuffy-I believe in the ways of el Tilde.

    Tiff-How pathetic am I that when I read he can resume baseball activities I was so happy I was squealing? You people are turning me into a baseball fan.

  10. Oi! Off my Rangers! They’ll find their *own* ways to suck, dammit!

    …Although, may I interest you in the Philadelphia Flyers? Just wondering.

  11. Ever since I lost a bet and had to wear a Rex Grossman jersey during Super Bowl XLI the Bears have been doing awful, and that is putting is kindly considering they lost the Super Bowl to my Colts and did nothing all of last year. I guess that is the last time my family bets me to wear a Bears jersey again. Good thing I am not a Bears fan and sorry to those who are ;)

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