Friday Night Lights, y’all!

Friday Night Lights has been renewed for a third season via a deal NBC made with DirecTV. I have no idea if I’ll even have DirecTV next year, but that hardly matters because I’m sure I will be able to get the episodes somewhere. This is awesome news, you guys! This is seriously one of the best shows on TV and if you aren’t watching it, I implore you to download it or buy the DVDs and start watching.

Matt Saracen
QB 1 for the Dillon Panthers

Tim Riggins
Fullback and Bad Boy. Mmmm.

Lyla Garrity
Cheerleader and Love-triangle Extraordinaire

Tyra Collette
Tall drink of water

I think Tyra is my favorite character. She’s recently started this
kick-ass volleyball storyline and she just generally rules all.

Brian “Smash” Williams
Running back, Team Star

Jason Street
Former QB 1 turned awesome QB coach

Landry Clark
Nerd turned football player, lead singer of greatest band ever

The Taylors
The best family in the history of everything.

Adopt me!

9 thoughts on “Friday Night Lights, y’all!

  1. You forgot “Julie Taylor: The whiniest character to ever whine about anything, ever.” Mrs. Taylor is a hottie though, I want to be that kind of mom.

    Best show ever though! I never watched until this winter, but after reading about it here I decided to watch every episode within the space of a week. Love it. I’m glad to know I can have more someday, because the last episode really left me hanging!

    But what is on (hottie!) Tim Riggins’ feet in the top picture?? UGLY.

  2. i’ll never get tired of this post!

    I want to BE mrs. coach, for the fabulous hair and for falling asleep next to coach every night.

    This news is enough to get me to switch from DishNetwork to DirecTV by October 1.

  3. I’m with the crowd; I’m so excited I could spit. I first heard murmurings of this a few weeks ago. I almost can’t believe they worked it out–usually stuff like this fails, it seems. I’m just so pleased they did.

    I’ve lent out my DVDs of season one to three different people, and they’ll all come back as big fans of the show. This is awesome two ways: 1) they get something they like, and 2) I get to say, “SEE?” in that really obnoxious way.

  4. Where do they come up with people this perfect. I just can’t bring myself to watch this show, although I imagine I would love it.

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