NCAA Frozen Four: Michigan

Like Andie I caught some of the college hockey this past weekend. Let me rephrase that, I caught the two Michigan hockey games this past weekend. It’s easier when you realize you have ESPNU and the other games aren’t really on television. While watching I realized two things: 1. Even though I know nothing about hockey I can tell that Michigan has a good team. and 2. I want one of those helmets. And a hockey jersey. But mostly the helmet.

Anyway, Michigan will go in to Denver as the #1 overall seed and try to win their 10th National Championship, their first since the 1997-1998 season. Team hotties after the jump. Go Blue!

Louie Caporusso-Forward, Freshmen

Carl Hagelin-Forward, Freshmen

I insist you click here for a better pictures of Hagelin. Icy blue eyes y’all. Icy blue eyes.

Chad Kolarik-Forward, Senior

Chris Summers-Defensemen, Sophomore

Once again, you need to click here. What is it with me and hockey stares today?

Aaron Palushaj-Forward, Freshmen

Max Pacioretty-Forward, Freshmen

I know this isn’t his team photo, but something about this makes me feel like a dirty old woman. And I’m only 22. Oh, and yet another picture to look at.

8 thoughts on “NCAA Frozen Four: Michigan

  1. Why, hello there Max Pacioretty. Goodness gracious. And I’m 26, SA. Don’t feel bad. He’d be lucky to have one of us to show him the ways of the world. : )

  2. I’m also fairly new to the world of hockey fandom and while, as a Wisconsinite, I’m genetically predisposed to hate Michigan, Carl Hagelin can be my Nordic prince any day of the week.

  3. Oh my. I will definitely have to watch the Frozen Four this year. Even though the local team (Miami) lost to BC (again!).

    BTW, why does it not start until April 10? That’s an eternity away!

  4. Michigan’s hockey jerseys are a phenomenal look. They went back to the “dazzle” fabric (the shiny jerseys), similar to what they wore in 1996 and it looks awesome on ice. As the #1 seed, Michigan can wear the Maize jerseys through out the tournament, and I approve of the alternate look. (The Michigan hockey band also wears Maize jerseys.)

    I’m not a good judge of “hotness”, but I think you made some fine choices SA.

  5. Louie is a)smoking and b)looks like he’s about 37 years old. Seriously Chris Chelios looks younger than this guy!

  6. Carl Hagelin sat down next to me on the campus bus last month, and though I am seriously twice his age, I can assure you he is just as cute in real life. My middle school daughter was thrilled with this brush with fame.

  7. Yeah, Carl is definitely the cutest player in Michigan. He is hot, but you should see his two years older brother, Bob. Have heard that he will come to Frozen Four watching carl. I will definitely be there looking at these hot guys.

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