Hit & Run: Oh, Happy Day!

And just like that the Final Four is on the back-burner (for me – I obviously don’t speak for anyone else!). The 2008 season is now underway for the vast majority of baseball teams. I know other stuff happened today, but I’ve been waiting 6 months for this, so today we’ve got a full post of MLB! MLB! MLB!

First on the board, my Mets looked to wipe last year’s season-end debacle from their collective memory – and yesterday’s game was a good start. Johan Santana looked every bit the shiny, new pitcher acquired from Minnesota, and the offense put up 7 runs, to beat the Marlins 7-2. It’s a nice way to begin to take out the bad taste in our mouths left over from last year.

Elsewhere in the NL East, the Nationals scored 5 runs in the 9th inning to beat the Phillies 11-6. And that’s that.

The Brewers and the Cubs both scored 3 runs in the ninth inning, but the Brew Crew pushed one across in the 10th inning, and won 4-3. Who had March 31 in the “First Day Eric Gagne blows a save in 2008″ pool?

Here we have Alex Rios of the Toronto Blue Jays. Alex, let’s say NO to that striped shirt.

And here’s Chase Daniels, Mizzou’s QB, throwing out the first pitch of the St. Louis Cardinals. Silly Midwesterner – does he realize he’s throwing a football?

13 thoughts on “Hit & Run: Oh, Happy Day!

  1. All I can say about the Phillies game is this – Madson is way too hot to be giving up homeruns like that. And I enjoyed the booing of Flash right off of the mound – its going to be a hell of a season in Philly!!!

  2. $10 million? The Brewers paid $10 million for him? They do realize he showed up in the Mitchell Report and hasn’t been healthy in seasons right?

  3. “…so today we’ve got a full post of MLB! MLB! MLB!” <— YES! YES! YES!

    I feel awful for fans whose teams were rained out yesterday. How frustrating would it be to have to wait all those years (yes, years) for Opening Day, and then have to keep waiting?

    You’re not going to get Alex Rios to change his wardrobe ways. That is just how he dresses.

  4. Rios is so yummy. I drafted him last year mostly on his looks. Remember he’s also the guy I backed in the home run derby? Love me some Rios.

    And I can learn to look past the silly shirt. Esp. if he takes it off.

  5. My sister and I looked at each other and said “Well, so much for winning this game!” the moment we saw Gordon walking towards the mound.

    *sigh* So close with Jimmy’s bomb, and yet…

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