For those of you who have taken the day off in order to fully emerse yourselves in Opening Day festivities, here are the schedules for today (all times Eastern.)  I plan on catching some NL Central goodness with Brewers/Cubs and then Cardinals/Rockies.  Then I think I’ll have to make due with Angels/Twins and finally I’m pumped about the pitching match-up in Astros/Padres.

National League
Brandon Webb and Aaron Harang face off in the Arizona-Cincinnati matchup at 2:10

Hottie Ben Sheets takes on Hot Head Carlos Zambrano in a Brewers-Cubs game at 2:20 (ESPN2, WGN)

Washington and Chico travel to Philly to face sweetheart Brett Myers at 3:05

Johan Santana makes his major league debut in Blue & Orange as the Mets take on Hendrickson and the Marlins at 4:10

A match-up of smokin’ proportions is happening in St. Louis as Adam Wainwright takes on Jeff Francis of Colorado at 4:15

Ian Snell and Tom Glavine (love him) face off as the Pirates visit the Braves at 7:10

Another smokin’ match-up as Roy Oswalt and the Astros visit Jake Peavy and the Padres at 10:00 (ESPN2)

American League

Gil Meche and Justin Verlander meet in the first game of the day as the Royals head to the Tigers at 1:00

Halladay and Wang face off in the Bronx as the Blue Jays travel to the Yankees at 1:05 (ESPN)

In a game that just makes me sad, the Rays travel to Baltimore to face the Orioles at 3:05. Poor Shields and Guthrie.

The Big Boys pitch in Cleveland as Mark Buerhle and the White Sox take on CC Sabathia and the Indians at 3:05

Kevin Millwood and Erik Bedard take the mound for Texas and Seattle at 6:40

Jered Weaver and Livan Hernandez face off in an Angels-Twins match up at 7:05 (ESPN2)

15 thoughts on “OPENING DAY!!! OPENING DAY!!!

  1. Rays/Orioles… aw. Look at them. How sweet.

    Also, I was actually typing something about Josh Beckett kicking everyone’s asses on Tuesday anyway when I remembered that Daisuke is actually starting. Is half of my brain really that behind, or am I just tired?

  2. I made you all a card (aka a drawing on my dorm room’s markerboard, which I then took a blurry photo of for use on the Internets)

    Happy Opening Day!

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you baseball for coming back to us. It’s been a long winter. I’d also like to thank the east coast rain storm that rained out the Yankees. Instead of partaking in Opening Day festivities (and a bunch of adult beverages), I was hard at work listening to my Tigers. A fair trade in my world, even if they did lose. Ah, baseball. I missed you so.

  4. SA – it’s not your fault! I always worry about the player whose shirt I chose to wear to the park…but I wore Carlos Guillen and he went 3 for 5. I think he’s going to have a monster year.

    Minda, I give your Royals a lot of credit. I think you’re going to be the sneaky team of the Central!! It’s going to be a good year.

  5. Thanks, tiff, that means a lot!! Watch out for KC’s pitcher tomorrow (Brian Bannister). He is SMART. Kind of Maddux-like. He is also my favorite Royal!

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