Your Opening Day Hotties

Usually I’m a bit of a grouch during this time of year. Football is so very far away and college basketball is about to come to an end. But this year I’m looking forward to the beginning of the baseball season. I guess following a team will do that to ya (despite soft-core porn being filmed in Comerica, I’m still going to follow the Tigers). And to celebrate the opening day (yes, I know about Boston and Oakland starting the season in Japan. Good for them) here are some of your opening day starters. My newfound Detroit bias requires me to show Justin Verlander first.

Roy Halladay

Johan Santana

Barry Zito

Adam Wainwright

Jake Peavy

Jeff Francis

17 thoughts on “Your Opening Day Hotties

  1. SA, your hot-picture-finding-prowess is shining through!!!

    >>yes, I know about Boston and Oakland starting the season in Japan. Good for them


    Also: “despite soft-core porn?” You mean “because of soft-core porn.”

  2. I completely agree about the Fake opening day in Japan. I refuse to acknowledge those games in any way as the beginning of the regular season. You can’t have our High Holy Day at 5 a.m. on the other side of the planet, sorry.
    Also, is it your newfound Tigers bias that made you leave out Gil Meche? He’s not too bad to look at :)

  3. Okay so I love love love love love love this site. But one thing i don’t like is there isn’t alot of Chase Utley! Him and David Wright should definately be on here way more!

  4. Oh, come on, it’s only alleged that they were filming soft-core porn at Comerica. It’s not been proven…yet. And it’s not like the Tigers organization has a history of sexual harassment. I mean, now that Bobby Higginson and Robert Fick are gone.

    Go Tigers! Let’s make the product on the field the focus!

  5. I am a Phillies fan, but I will not deny Santana’s hotness. Great post. I can’t wait!

    Oh, and I agree with the whole “Opening Day” thing—and I was up at 3am watching. What the?

  6. hell yes SA! Welcome to the dark side. which is like the best place to party on Earth. Less than 24 hours til the first pitch!

    Happy Baseball Season everyone!!!

  7. Tiff-thank you! The dark side is always good.

    Burnsy-that literally made me spit out my drink. Kudos sir.

    Kim-I just kinda wanted starters. Y’all know we love Jacoby around here.

    Minda-I’m definitely going to have to do some homework during the season. Much research will be done throughout the summer.

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