Run, Don’t Walk…

To get today’s Sports Illustrated. Holy crap. I opened my mailbox and about swooned dead away on the spot to see Ryan Braun, Justin Upton and Troy Tulowitzki looking oh-so-adorable. Then I realized I could open the cover and find Jacoby Ellsbury, Clay Buchholz and Ryan Zimmerman. It’s like a centerfold for girls! Sigh. Troy Tulowitzki is so effing cute.

UPDATE: Thanks to alert reader Ian for a link to the actual cover that was NOT taken with Andrea’s digital camera on her bedroom floor. Good show, fella.There is also a photo gallery on that is devoted to the Class of 2005.

I would like to say “hey there” to Alex Gordon, Ricardo Romero, Mike Pelfrey, Cameron Maybin, Andrew McCutchen, Jay Bruce, Matt Garza, Colby Rasmus, Travis Buck, Chase Headley, Yunel Escobar, Micah Owings, and Austin Jackson. Y’all deserve to be on the cover too. And finally I’d like to give a big “hello sailor” to Jeff Clement. I don’t even care that you went to USC. He’s 24, he’s 6’1, he’s from Marshalltown, Iowa and he NEEDS to call me.

28 thoughts on “Run, Don’t Walk…

  1. For real ladies, I have torn the cover off my SI (very carefully) and put it on my wall. I am not even kidding.

    Also: JEFF FROM IOWA! He’s a catcher! I LOVE CATCHERS! CALL ME!

  2. If Clement remains in AAA, I could meet him when Tacoma comes to Omaha in May. Not that I’m wishing non-success on him, but…well, I kind of am.


    I’m in an A’s jersey today, feeling happy about the promise of thousands of games of my favorite sport starting SOON.

    I got my SI on Wednesday afternoon–I’m savoring it; I haven’t gotten to the article on hot baseball boys just yet.

  4. Whoa Jeff….WANT

    And Gradavid, there’s no way Paula has ever said a complete sentence. Someone else must have said that!

  5. Got the mag yesterday, I’m at work in my Brewers T-Shirt and I’m going to the “final Spring Training” game at Miller Park tomorrow. Holy crap, it’s finally, for real, actually baseball season!!!

    (And Wisconsin’s in the Sweet 16 tonight) What a great Day!!

  6. I’m all for Sparty as long as we don’t have to play them! I have a deep and abiding hate for Drew Neitzel because he seems to have his best games against us! I do, however, have MSU in my pool at work and they’re my only hope after Tennessee bit it last night.

  7. Clement is beautiful.

    But can I just say: DO NOT FORGET JED LOWRIE if you’re talking class of ’05. He’s not hot, particularly, but absolutely 300% adorable, in that dorky-and-sweet way.

  8. That little mole on Clement’s neck (the one directly under his ear)………… hmmmmmmmmm

    Can we get a picture of him standing in his catching gear, with his mask flipped up, and one hand on his hip? I think I’d pass out.

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