March Madness Begins

This year we aren’t setting up a bet with the boys across the way, but we do have an All Ladies NCAA Pool Thunderdome happening with a very handsome prize for the winner.

My picks for first-round upsets are ‘Nova over Clemson, K-State over USC and Cornell over Stanford.  Here are some Upset Hotties for your Monday afternoon viewing pleasure.

Shane Clark, Villanova

Mmmm, muscley arms.

Bill Walker, K-State

I’m a sucker for a guy who smiles in his roster pic.
Conor Mullen, Cornell

He kind of looks like a vampire…
Khaliq Gant, Cornell

He kind of looks like Mr. Trick
from Buffy.

12 thoughts on “March Madness Begins

  1. Totally agree with the K-State pick. I think Beasely LOVES the games where he has to show off and prove something. Beasely vs Mayo is the type of match up where he’ll probably drop a 40/20.

  2. They all should be smiling now that they got in the Dance! Although, I’m not sure the Cornell guy knows exactly what he’s in for.

    In case you all are having trouble filling out your brackets, I came across this tool that might help.

    All I had to do was shift the sliders on the top of the page – and I turned off the mascot criteria because we all know that doesn’t matter!

  3. One of my favorite times of the year… I just finished my bracket and I am ready for my wings, flatscreen hdtv and beer for the next 3 weeks

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