Fantasy Team: Hotties

The WhatIf Sports Simulation has started over at Bugs & Cranks. Each guy drafted a team from the last 25 years of the team he covers for the site. I got to draft Hotties. As of this writing I’m 2-2, not a bad start. I thought I’d share with y’all my Team o’ Hotties. (These pics are not all from the year I have the player, sometimes you just have to go with a cute pic.)

’06 Alex Rios. Such a cutie pie!

’05 Carpenter. Mmmmm.

’03 Gagne. He’s cute like a teddy bear.

Glavine is hot NOW, but I’ve got ’93 Glavine.

’06 Street. I’d walk down his street…

’05 Izzy and Matheny. Quite the battery.

Another one of Matheny, just because…rowr.

’05 Francoeur. Look at that smile!

’96 Edmonds. It’s weird to see him in that uniform.
’03 Joe Nathan. Just needs to shave off that weird goatee.

’03 Jose Reyes. Joseeeeee, Jose, Jose, Jose….

’06 Verlander. He can pitch my perfect game…

’04 Morneau. So serious. Grrrr.

’06 Ted Lilly. Awwww, such a baby face.

’04 Grudzielanek. I always liked him. Very Boy-Next-Door.

’01 Matty Mo. I always dug the beard.
’07 Mauer. Oh my….

92 Ozzie. LOVE.

’04 Podsednik. Weird to see him as a Brewer.

’01 Oswalt. Tall drink a’water.
(Not actually that tall, but he’s such a farm boy.)

’02 Russell Branyan. My Bald Bomber.

’06 Teahen. The Royals have SOME good players!

’05 Zach Duke. Ditto for the Pirates.

And the icing on my Cake of Hotties…
’04 Pujols and Rolen. Sigh. *Drools*

17 thoughts on “Fantasy Team: Hotties

  1. Don’t worry, I’m with you on the Gagne thing. There’s something adorably doofy about him.

    But I think it’s funny that you say it’s weird to see Posednick as a Brewer, because I think it’s weird to see him as anything else.

    “The 1990-2002 Brewers – where your good players played before they reached their potential”

  2. Gagne still gives me that same quivery feeling deep in my gut as he did walking out of the bullpen last fall.

    It’s akin to that feeling you get when you inhale half-rotten garbage and can not escape it and need to go breathe something lemon-scented (or Huston Street-scented) or else you’re going to puke.

    Anyway, the rest of them are adorable. LOVE for the Ozzie indeed.

  3. Yum, Joe Mauer.

    Nice picks! No love for Grady Sizemore though. And I can’t objectively look at Gagne anymore – too many painful memories.

  4. OMG…why have I never noticed Jose Reyes before? Gorgeous, just gorgeous. I knew he was Dominican the moment I saw those cheekbones . Yet another one I’ve gotta check out on TV when the local cable company gives me the chance.

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