The Big Ten Men’s Wrestling Tournament was this weekend and while I could not be there taking awesome pictures like last time, it was exciting nonetheless.

For the conference tourney, each school gets to send one wrestler per weight class for 10 wrestlers each. The Top 7 in each weight class advance to the NCAA tourney in St. Louis in two weeks. (The top 7 seems like a lot to me, but that’s how it’s done.) Iowa is sending 9 of its 10 wrestlers to the National tourney, with only sophomore Chad Beatty not making the cut.

Overall we ended up with one champion in Brent Metcalf, one 2nd place in my wrestling boyfriend Mark Perry, four 3rd places, a 4th place and a 7th place. All in all, that’s kind of a disappointing showing by the Iowa Hawkeyes but it was still good enough to take the team crown with 127 points. Minnesota was 2nd with 112.5.

My wrestling boyfriend and Big Ten 2nd place at 165 Mark Perry:

Get ‘im, Perry! Headlock!

I can never get over how hilarious the coaches are during these contests. They are ridiculously animated and I would like to share that with y’all:

Guy on the left: Get ‘im! HIM!
Guy on the right: Grrrrr! Rrrrr!

Guy on the left: Gimme some skin, bro!
Guy on the right: I WILL EAT YOUR FACE OFF!

Coach and Ref: [wrestling talk, wrestling talk]
Coach on the left: WHEEEEE!

Congrats on the win Hawks! Let’s bring home the NCAA banner in two weeks!

8 thoughts on “Rasslin’

  1. The coaches being animated is my favorite part! Schwab and Zadick are two of the most animated coaches in all wrestling. I always worry that they’re going to run into each other and get hurt. (They will also both most likely be in the Olympics.) Actually, Andie, the top 8 get to go. It does seem like a lot, but it’s because the Big Ten is so dominant. In the Big 12, though only 5 schools have wrestling, and there are 10 weight classes, 38 guys from the conference go. Again, it’s the dominance. You should be proud of your Hawks – they shook off a tough Saturday and kicked some booty on Sunday.

    Wow, that’s a long comment. I need to shut up.

  2. No, only the Top 7 get to go plus two wild card selections from the coaches, for a total of 72 wrestlers. Our guy Morningstar had to win his 7th place match to qualify for the NCAAs in two weeks.

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  4. While I was getting ready to go out on Saturday night, I had the PIAA state wrestling championships on in the background*.

    *”In the background” actually means “I sat down and watched high school wrestling with an intensity and focus I reserve for David Lynch movies.”

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